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Amelia Tilly

Elizabeth Dragonfang (a.k.a. Amelia Tilly)

Amelia Tilly is a pirate, appraiser, and founding member for the Rolling Storm. A former princess accustomed to a hedonistic lifestyle, she is known among the crew for her partying and promiscuity. In addition, she is a powerful sorceress with the hyperbolean bloodline, and a necromancer with immortal ambitions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Having unintentionally killed her father, the king of Carlo Rossi, in an emotional fit involving an outburst of magical energy, Amelia fled her kingdom and began life on the run. She stumbled upon the Wicked Reckoning during a drunken bender on Serengeti and, believing it to be a cruise ship, joined its ranks in a binding contract. After realizing her mistake, she rolled with the punches and came to terms with her new predicament, quickly adapting to life on the open seas. When her true identity threatened to be revealed, she fled the ship, fearing that her allies were turn her in for the bounty offered up by her kingdom. Instead, they chased after her, making it clear that the crew stood with her for as long as she called the ship home.   After a tense confrontation with a wicked undine, Amelia was killed in battle. Seeking to ressurrect her, the party sought out help from a powerful, but dangerous being - Amelia's true mother, the sea hag Myrtle. After making a deal, Amelia was brought back to life with a newfound fear of death and obsession with gaining immortality at nearly any cost.   Eventually, she and the crew made their way back to Carlo Rossi to free an old friend who took the fall for the crime she committed. After discovering it was a trap, Amelia and the rest of the crew fought against her perceived enemies, revealing her hand in the king's murder in the ensuing battle. When the kingdom's temporary rulers (and the late king's advisors) fell at her hand, the guards surrendered out of loyalty to the kingdom. Choosing to wash her hands of the ordeal, she sold her kingdom to Remaldi Dragonslayer and faked her death to earn her freedom from Carlo Rossi once and for all.

Personality Characteristics


In general, Amelia's party girl nature leaves her chasing her next high, Whether that be binge drinking the day away or a night of drug-fueled lovemaking either with a familiar face or in the arms of a stranger. She is a thrill seeker through-and-through, living life with every intention of enjoying it to the fullest.   In addition, a premature death and subsequent ressurrection has set her down a new path as she seeks out a means of avoiding her ultimate demise by nearly any means possible - even at the cost of her soul. When her sights aren't set on some earthly pleasure, she is instead spending her time and energy saving her gold and studying a way to cheat death - permanently.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Her former ties to royalty make her an expert in appraisal, the perfect pick for handling the ship's monetary dealings. She knows how to act diplomatic when the situation requires it, and can bluff and read the intentions of others well. Her bloodline gives her access to magic and she's grown a particular affinity to necromancy, including raising the dead under her control.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Princess (former)
Date of Birth
8th of Snapper Waxing, 776 Great Tsunami
Year of Birth
776 GTS 23 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Swapped at birth, changeling
Heterochromatic, independently color-shifting (rainbow)
Naturally black, long and wavy; usually dyed various colors
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair, smooth, delicate
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I never fail to surprise myself; I'm a goddamn mystery to me."
"Guess what, everybody! I'm queen of the storms!"
"You know, the placenta effect?"

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