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Wicked Reckoning

The former ship of the main crew and a tentative ally/sister ship of the Rolling Storm.

Weapons & Armament

6 Ballistae (3 port and 3 starboard)
14 large cannons (7 port and 7 starboard, 1 is a trained alchemist cannon)
6 huge cannons
8d8 ramming damage

Armor and defense

HP Total: 1200
AC: 2 Hardness: 10
CMB: 8 CMD: 18
Pirate Ship
60 ft (muscle), 30-90 ft (wind and sails), 90 ft (muscle and wind), 30 ft (current)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Up to 50 tons cargo OR up to 150 passengers

Cover image: by Kal V, derivative work created with the Canva Content License


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