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Mage Attire

At Octischolarus Magus and other places in Octiragrin mages are distinguished by their clothing. The outfit consists of a pair of pants, a shirt or tunic, a robe or cloak, a scarf, a belt, a hat, and boots.

Mage trainees wear gray pants, shirt, and robe with trim the color of the branch of magic they are studying. Fully trained mages have more choice in their wardrobes. They are allowed full-colored articles of clothing without gray or they might have black or another color of clothing with colored trim in their field of magic.

The scarves worn by mages are similar to those worn by other organizations in Octiragrin and elsewhere. Much like the black scarves worn by the Chaos Cult, the scarf is made of Fire Silk. They can be a solid color or multicolored. The fire silk can be embued with magic to protect or otherwise enhance a mage's magic. Scarves are worn in many ways. Some examples are as a hat band, a belt, around the neck, or around an arm or wrist. Mage students often wear them as neck scarves or hat bands.

The mage hat is a wide-brimmed hat made of Fell Leather or another water-shedding material. The hat is meant to protect the mage from weather and magic alike. They are tipically brown or gray, but can be any color.

Mages wear soft leather knee-high boots to protect their legs and feet and to allow them to walk silently on any surface.

The mage belt is made of leather or other strong material. It has pockets, loops, and straps to contain spell materials, potions, magical items, and weapons. Belts are usually brown, but can be dyed other colors.


Raw Material & Components

The mage hat and boots are typically created from Cloaking Leather made of Felll Cattle skin from Jiddan on the Fire Silk Road. Hats are often covered with a thin layer of Majestic Otter Pelts harvested from the Majestic Otters found in the pools of Tranquil Haven in the Sacala Desert.

Cloaks, scarves, and other garments are frequently made from Fire Silk, Fire Satin, Infernal Spider Silk, or blends of several materials.

Shirts, pants, tunics, and undergarments are mostly made of Aberrant Linen, Primal Cotton, or other materials/blends. Both Aberrant Flax and Primal Cotton are imported to Octiragrin from Isat on the Fire Silk Road.


Buckles, fasciners, weapons, and other elements of the mage attire are made from Flamesteel or Brillinium.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Each fabric or artical of clothing has its own attributes, such as, magic repelling, water shedding, protection from blades and other weapons, light absorbtion, light reflecting/magnifying, as well as other properties and combinations.


People are distinguished by the clothing they wear. Professions and organizations are recognized by their different colors, symbols, patterns, fabrics, and quality.
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Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Current Location
Common - most people in Octiragrin wear similar clothing.
Base Price
varies depending on material, magical properties, & craftsmanship
Clothing of more affluent people have embroidery, engraving on metal accessories, and tooling on leather items.


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