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Unofficial Art Challenge Winners

Now that the unofficial Art Challenge has run its course it is of course time to reveal the winners. As this is my first time judging I finally found out how difficult it is to choose since there were many good articles. But without further ado let's get to the winner announcement.  

Regular League

  The regular league had the most entries and made it very difficult for me to choose a true favourite. There were 4 articles that were very close contenders for the title by looking at it objectively. In the end I had to choose a bit on personal preference but know that all of them, and also the many others that did not make this list, were well liked by me.  

Regular Winner

The Temptresses
Document | Oct 10, 2023

The Temptresses is an oil painting by American artist Dottie Silver, who was working under the pseudonym Nick Gold at the time.

  As many articles of Eccbooks this one was once again a great one. By reading this article you can cleary see that quite a good amount of though has been put into the subject itself. The art gets a detailed analysis and also the description of the artwork itself is spot on giving us a good picture.        

Runner Ups

  Choosing a winner was pretty hard and I would feel bad to not mention the almost winners of the regular league. All of these were great articles in both worldbuilding and creativity.  
This article really stood out due to its good worldbuilding and general layout. It was quite interesting to read a bit more about how the colours of the art piece were achieved which is not something that is thought of very often. But what made it stand out from the other contenders is the nicely done original artwork that really makes it seem like a woven fabric.  
This was one of the first entries to the challenge and I was quickly intrigued by it. The tapestry gets a detailed description for each part. But most of all I liked how this piece of art is tightly linked to the world itself and especially the mystery still surrounding it.  
This article has just a fantastic concept. The idea that every person would try to make an unique set of cards is fascinating and gives room for so many opportunities. It was of course also quite interesting to read a bit more about the most extraordinary sets of cards.  

Premier League

  Even though in the end there were only two entries from the premier league it was still a very difficult choice as both of them were great! But in the end we can't give two articles the first place so I once again had to resort to subjective methods. Both articles were about pieces of art that perhaps could come to life. In the end I chose the one that had the most mystery surrounding it.  

Premier Winner

The Leviathan
Item | Apr 12, 2022

An accursed piece of art.

  This is just a great article. Well structured, prose added throughout, interesting worldbuilding and of course an original work of art itself. Especially the mystery surrounding the leviathan makes it very appealing. Is it alive? what made the artist create such a thing?  

Premier Runner Up

The Senatorial Statuettes
Item | Jun 10, 2022

The senate building is filled with beautiful art pieces, including a high number of statuettes. However, those are not merely there for decoration but are responsible for the safety of the senators.

  I love the work of Amélie and so it is with pain in my heart that I did not elect her to win the premier league this challenge. Nonetheless this is a great article and would also deserve the first place in the league. Not only did Amélie closely link the statuettes to her world, she also made it so that there are many story opportunities that can arise from it. The drawings of some of the statuettes were also a fantastic addition and I was glad to see them popup in her tavern challenge article as well!  

Other Entries

  As the amount of entries was not super large I think it is only fair to give a shoutout to the others authors who participated in the unofficial challenge! I loved reading your entries and I hope you participate again in the next challenge!  
  Once again some great work from Jacob and with a beautiful map accompanying it. The prose added to it was a good read and provided some fun information about how the artwork ended up being stolen.  
  An interesting article about a artistic piece of clothing. It does not only makes people standing in the world clear but also provides some special abilities making it quite a useful item.  
  I quite enjoyed reading this article which was well thought out. It was especially interesting to read a bit more about the manufacturing process which is not necessarily something that every author would think about.  
  A shorter article but still a nice read. Always nice to learn more about the history that inspired works of art in a world of which this article is a good example.  

Sacherine Dreams

  Sadly the article of Timebender got lost due to the world being deleted before the article was moved. So I can't provide a link here. Nonetheless it was a fun and original read about a work of art that would eventually become the end of the world. But the creator, in his own twisted sense of humor, made it so that the end would be caused by those trying to prevent it.  

Cover image: by Leolo212 on pixabay


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Apr 18, 2022 23:39

Good going on the unofficial art challenge. Good idea! Nifty articles too! Maybe when I'm wealthy again I'll run one that is NO BB or CSS coding allowed in the format- just use the unadorned basic templates.

Apr 18, 2022 23:51 by Emily Armstrong

This unofficial challenge was such a great idea! Love getting to read about all these amazing works of art. I hope you run more in the future! Always love seeing the explosion of creativity on this site.

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Apr 18, 2022 23:58 by Time Bender

Hey, thanks for including my entry even though it got deleted! I really appreciate it. :D Now, I need to save this to my reading list to go read the other entries when I get time!

Apr 19, 2022 16:52 by E. Christopher Clark

Thanks so much for running this challenge. I'm honored that my entry won the Regular League.

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Apr 19, 2022 18:56

Thanks for participating and well desevered first place ! ^^ Hope to see you again next challenge ! :D

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Apr 19, 2022 17:14

Can't believe I won against Amélie :o Thank you very much for holding this challenge Kefkejaco, it was really fun to write and I can't wait to read all those amazing entries! Congrats to everyone who entered, everybody was deserving!

Hoo~ Hoo
Apr 19, 2022 18:55

It was a hard choice for sure but you were that little bit ahead due to the mystery surrounding your art! Was a blast to read and glad you participated! ^^

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Apr 21, 2022 23:22 by Secere Laetes

Yes this challenge was very nice.   Thanks again for the effort with the alignment.   Now I'm looking forward to the successor. How about an article about children's toys? I think something like that is also a niche topic at the moment ^^.