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The Victory by All of Us

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The Victory by All of Us is a gigantic statue made by Casto Hiden. Despite that it's been commissioned by Valus I to mark the victory of the War of the Sacked, it's refered to the experience of his adventure during his youth in the quest to find the mighty stone.

The statue is currently placed at the largest room in the Grand Palace of Valone.


The statue is 8 meters long and 4 meters high. It's made of seperated marbles assembling into a large chunk, smoothened into the finest surface creating a shiny look.

It has the emperor Valus I pointing at one direction, supposingly toward the northeast. It stand was support by two essential people: the secret expeditor on the left, and the scientists on the right. The base is engraved with the army of full-armored gunner legions marching on the Jungle of the Myst.

The base also has a plaque engraved with a quote of Val, the first ruler:


Casto spends all his later life sculpting this magnum opus. And by the time he finished his health became weak and died shortly after, in 16 VE.

Founding Date
6 VE

The Irresistible Face

In one of the figures, there's a young lady at the left side of the Valus' statue. She's Legna Gilmis, the Casto's wife and fellow expeditor. She's believed to be the first face to be completed in the entire work.

According to his son Rondius V, Valus liked to admire at her beautiful face for most of the day, as if there were something secret between them.


Author's Notes

This is a rough one not gonna lie. Subject to change for sure, but now I personally satisfiled.
An entry for the Unofficial Art Challenge by Kefkejaco!

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Apr 18, 2022 13:23

Glad you could still make it before the deadline! ^^ It does sound like a maginificent large statue. Are the scientist and expeditor also part of the main statue or part of the base?

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Apr 18, 2022 16:53

Thank you! They are all part of the statues which have to be made separately before assembling altogether.   I can't imagine what it will look like but as you said so, it's magnificent for sure. :D

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