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Cards of Tithe

Ah yes, would you look at that, an old card of mine. You see, normally people would commission a personal deck of cards for themselves to play the game of Tithe. This one however, was gifted to me by a friend. Ah, how time does fly. Well while on the topic, the crafting of cards actually dates back t-...
— A passionate All knowing Lohrk

To make the deck your own

The cards of Tithe are not only just cards from the game, they stand as a symbol of expertise, money, knowledge, individuality or craftsmanship. To say that the gambling of Tithe has brought joy to peoples lives is by far not the end of the story. This game, or rather, its playing cards, have brought with them entire jobs, giving thousands of artisans a new market to explore. Everyone, from a little boy wanting to nibble on ornamented cards, to a battleworn woman wanting to enjoy a jug of mead alongside a round of Tithe, seeks out cards that reflect their own personality.

Legendary Cards

Over the years, countless card designs have surfaced. In some forges or workshops, the art of card crafting is even being taught to apprentices. Having such a widepread culture, it is no surprise that there have been some magnificent decks created.

The Cosmos

Probably the most unique deck to find on Cathrea. The Cosmos cards were created by none other than Faith Scalingar, a prestigeous Astrologian that manifests her knowledge in objects, such as cards. Other than conventional cards, these are not made of wood or metal, but are instead outlined with strange stardust. The middle of the cards are black as void and the animals are displayed through star constellations. Although the cards would seem transparent from the front, when looked at from the back, only pitch black darkness can be seen. It is theorized that the backsides are real black holes stabilized somehow through the cards themselves.
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The Bountymold

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The Bountymold is a collection of cards which tell stories of countless battles and crusades. Belonging to Dyrian Misteye, this deck is entirely made of materials from bounty collected in the seas by the Misteye Hydras, a pirate crew in the southern Somarean Isles. Dyrian and his crew cast exactly one new playing card out of weaponry, armor or artifacts per raid, engraving the date in each card as identifiers. This deck is not the most extravagant or valuable, but the story these molded pieces of metal tell is worth more than any prizetag could ever describe.

The Beastiary

The most famous deck of cards ever created. This breathtaking set belongs to none other than The Beastmaster. This person, only describable as a madman claims to have ventured throughout Cathrea on land, air, underground and water, collected parts of each animal depicted on every single card in existence and incorporated their body part in the cards design. Their tales are spread far and wide, yet noone knows their identity, age, gender or motive. The only thing certain about The Beastmaster is their deck of Tithe cards, which they openly show and play with in the Beastsoul Inn, the grandest and most renowned gambling tavern in Cathrea, run by exactly them.
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Structure of a Card

Simple Cards

A plain Tithe card is often made of a thin wooden base, ornamented with basic metals. Each card has its own name, own damage, life and soul number, description, picture and an attribute slot. Normal designs of such a card are very basic, mostly having rings of metal in the four corners, a box top center for the name and bottom center for the description, making room for the picture in the middle.

Custom Cards

There are no restrictions to how the cards might look like. As long as all the stats are visible at all times, artistic freedom is given. Some of the most famous artisans handcrafted entire decks of cards, some metallic, shimmering with hints of magma and obsidian, some carved from Divine Trees, decorated with branches and leaves as vibrant and as the glow of Primal Sparked Fireflies.
You see, losing a game is not just about the coin. The loss of a game also means the loss of cards, and with them, a loss of yourself.
— Drunken Player

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