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Primal Sparked Firefly

Ah yes, the Primal Sparked Fireflies. These little buggers are found underground and are often symbols of luck and good decisions. Groups of them love to venture through valleys and big open spaces. It is a spectacle of color and life in a place associated with dreadfulness and sorrow.
— All knowing Lohrk

Illuminating Magic

The Primal Sparked Fireflies are small fluffy creatures that light up their backside in two different colors. While their left side displays the current dominating magical element in the area, their right side is an individual one. It shows the magical element most dominant in the creature itself (or in other words, the subspecies). Depending on their subspecies, all fireflies have their own positive effect on the environment. The population around them feels several emotions ranging from joy, over creativity, to excitement.

Basic Information


Primal Sparked Fireflies are spherical puffs of light, about 2.5-3cm in diameter. Their four small legs extend not more than 5mm out the bottom of their fur. Their body is only a bit elongated to fit a tiny bulge at the front which acts as their head.

Ecology and Habitats

Primal Sparked Fireflies are most often found in caves. In underground settlements, like Hotaruksiva, the capital city of Thorgea, they are very popular and even have a special holiday dedicated to them, the Blessing of the Colorfly. This is not to say that these critters do not go outside. Sometimes seen illuminating the winters skies, when the fireflies do come out, the ones fortunate enough to see them experience pure joy and feel their body relaxing.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Firesparks have extraordinary vision. Even with a tiny sliver of light, these critters can orient themselves perfectly. Additionally, they have a special sense for Magicules, meaning, they can detect the currently dominant type of magic in their environment. The Fireflies display this attribute through the left side of their abdomen, while displaying their own magical attribute on the right side.
Other Names
Element Effect
Fire Passion
Water Calmness
Earth Inspiration
Lightning Excitement
Life Joy
Death Resolve
Heaven Freedom
Hell Hope
The Firesparks bring color into our lives. That is why we don't catch or harm them. They make us feel free, so we'll let them feel freedom too.
— Mother to her child

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