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Beastsoul Inn

Ah yes, the Beastsoul Inn. Run by the Beastmaster themselves, this famous tavern is known for cards and ale both. I remember the last time I visited, man those drunkards able to hold their liquor. Here at the home of the Beastmaster though, you can hardly find a bottle of mead not paired with a deck of cards and some coin.
— All knowing Lohrk

A Game of Business

Drunkards Floor

The wooden doors creak open and a wave of flavour rushes past the entering Dragonborn. Dwarven laughter, a band of flutes, strings and voices and the banging of tables are the first things heard. Making their way towards the fully packed bar, passing center stage and a private room, the Dragonborn greets familiar faces right before ordering a cold beer. Showing off their Deck of Cards somehow earns them enthusiastic cheers and a discount on the drink.
A player yerself ain't'cha? Ya know what, first one's on me, show them topheavy bastards how it's done.
— Bartender

The Gallery

The mug is emptied, the bartender tipped and the Dragonborn makes their way up the mead-stained oak stairs, arriving on the gallery. The commotion settles down up on the second floor. Several hall stands are planted throughout this venue and bar tables stand around the ornamented fence. A quick glance over the edge fetches the wandering person a sight of the previously walked on "Drunkards Floor". They walk over to the same clothing stand they always walk towards and hang their cloak. Strolling past attentive, tipsy, concentrated and laughing faces alike, the Dragonborn tries to head up towards the highest floor of the establishment.
Greetings Miss Scalingar, I see you are heading for Soul Floor. May I ask the occasion?
Hi Caldwell, Just here to see an old friend.
An old friend you say? Well since I wasn't born yesterday, contrary to your believe, I will inform the master of your arrival.
You're no fun for surprises, are you Caldwell?
— A Buttler and a Dragonborn

The Soulfloor

Walking up the polished stairs towards the upper floor, the surrounding air turns from fun to ominous. Upon arrival, Caldwell swiftly disappears behind a huge dark oaken door. Everytime Faith Scalingar steps into this room, the difference between floors takes her aback. The Soul Floor has cleanly swept stone tilings as floor, beautiful tables and chairs made of colored leather. It really has been a while since her last visit. Maybe that is the reason she got lost in the beauty of the statue standing proud in the middle of the room. It is standing on a base of stunningly clean wood and leather, made by the Zvaarian Lumberjacks.
The master is as eager as ever to be delighted by your presence Miss -
Many thanks Caldwell, I'll see you around.
— Caldwell and Faith

The Beastmaster Cabinet

Without any hesitation, and despite the looks of a few surprised and shocked rich gamblers residing on this floor, she entered the same door Caldwell disappeared behind moments ago. As the door shuts behind her, a mysterious dark room invites her in. Before even a word can be spoken to the obviously excited person sitting on the unnecessarily fancy sofa infront of her, she goes for the private bar and takes out one of the finest whiskey bottles she could find.
What an entrance Faith. I see you haven't changed one bit. Still the liquor-lady in flesh and blood. How's it going?
Charming as ever Beastyboy. Liquor-lady... haven't heard that name in ages.
Well it has been a while. We have a lot to catch up on, pour me one as well, wont you?
Dream on.
— Faith and the Beastmaster
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Related Traditions
Drink up and Play
Beastsoul Inn
A famous tavern run by The Beastmaster full of drunkards and gambling.

Additional Rooms

Beastsoul Hideaway

This house is connected to the Beastsoul Inn on the Gallery and the Drunkards Floor and is a big hotel accomodating people with two floors of bedrooms. Additionally, its main hall has a big venue with lots of food and less alcoholic entertainment methods.


A floor only accessable by staff. Here most of the food and drinks are stored. Aditionally, there is a section specially tailored for an Ice Cellar.

Gallery Stairway

The Gallery can not only be reached through the Drunkards Floor, but also from outside. A stairway to the right of the tavern leads up which is also commissioned by the Zvaarian Lumberjacks.

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18 Mar, 2022 21:08

I love how you've described the article from the eyes of Faith combined with the little quotes to make it flow. It was such a natural and great way to read it from another set than the usual eyes. I wonder what business Faith and the Beastmaster have on this eerie Soulfloor.   Keep up the good work! :D

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19 Mar, 2022 09:28

Thanks Shadow, I am trying out new ways of writing articles at the moment so I'm glad you enjoyed the read :D   And yes, there will be more coming about Faith and the Beastmaster ^^

From strange languages to unnecessarily elaborate playing card designs, Cathrea is the place to find it.
19 Mar, 2022 10:53

I do like visiting the rooms entwined with the narrative from Faith's perspective. I'd have liked to see some of the core aspects of the tavern expanded - ale and cards, as it were. The Beastmaster himself is also an ominous figure, though I wonder what his theme is - is he dangerous, rich, criminal, a thug, a mastermind, or something else?

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19 Mar, 2022 11:35

Those are some great points to expand on. I have articles for the beastmaster and faith herself planned already, but I'll think on the expanded descriptions some more. Thanks for the input, always nice to get ^^

From strange languages to unnecessarily elaborate playing card designs, Cathrea is the place to find it.
19 Mar, 2022 23:39

Really interesting way of telling about the place, really intriguing. If I had the time for it, I'd start reading the the articles to satisfy my curiosity.

20 Mar, 2022 12:45

I'm glad you liked it ^^ I have yet to publish about half of the linked articles but I will in the near future. Lots of stuff is planned around my tavern :D

From strange languages to unnecessarily elaborate playing card designs, Cathrea is the place to find it.
22 Mar, 2022 02:00

I love the quotes that you used and as others have said how you described the article from the eyes of the faith and it just makes it really flow nicely. Love the map you have as well, Overall a great article!, Great job!

22 Mar, 2022 19:44

Thanks a bunch, I'm a sucker for quotes in general xD There can't be too many quotes for me

From strange languages to unnecessarily elaborate playing card designs, Cathrea is the place to find it.