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Ah yes, Tithe. This game of cards is played all around the realm of Cathrea. Although, you see, it originated from a sailors game, played by pirates and savages on deck or in taverns. Now, its popularity is immeasurable and entire professional gamblers have emerged either by the scent of quick and easy coin or the thrill of possibly loosing all in a matter of a few breaths.
— All knowing Lohrk

A Pirates Gamble

Several centuries ago, sailors in the southern parts of Montoora, on the coasts of Vellstrik came up with a simple card game, where they gambled on who would be paying the next tithe when sailing through the seas. The two least helpful pirates of a crew on their last travels would play against each others decks. The loser would then have to pay a cut of their share the next time they set out to the seas.

Tides turned the Tithes territory

Since these games would happen in public places like pubs and taverns, bystanders could watch and observe these games. They started imitatin and playing on their own with slightly different rules. Over the course of the next several years, this gambling game would spread across the globe like a wildfire through merchants on ground and seas.

The Tithe Tournaments

In todays time (Current Date), this simple gamble has turned into a global sport that is played by youth and elderly both. Tournaments are being played throughout the realms, jobs have been created, traditions like the Cards of Tithe are being practiced by most of the game's players and much more has happened since that time this game was but a simple gamble for pirates.

How to Play

  1. This card game is played by exactly two players.
  2. Each player brings their own deck of cards, consisting of at least twenty and at maximum forty.
  3. Players take turns sacrificing and playing cards on the table, which is split into four lanes.
  4. After each turn, the player that set down cards will attack the cards directly in their lane, either removing or at least damaging them.
  5. If the enemy player is hit with excess damage, they have to pay the difference in golden coins.
  6. Once a player has no coins left, they lose.
  7. It is common courtesy to hand over one good and one bad card to the winner as a prize, as well as the lost gold.

Common Simplifications

Simplified rules for kids often involve no loss in gold or excessive amounts of cards. They also play with less and simpler cards. Additionally, some groups only play with three card lanes instead of the standard four.

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