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Adroon Library

  In they Adroon Oasis lies the greatest achievement of my father, the Keepers Library. Not only did it grow into the largest one of Niorath, it became a beacon of knowledge and research for the world. Today it is still the place where great minds are created. Over the many years as high sage I have expanded it further and further and hope to leave a lasting legacy long after my death.
— High Sage Syronikir
  The largest library in the world is located in the Adroon Oasis and have stood the test of time for many centuries. This is partially due to the facts that the vast majority of it is excavated inside a mountain.   But that is not its only function as the library also functions as the headquarters of The Keepers and has one of the best universities of the world.  

Extra Information

This large library is located in the Adroon oasis, the capital of Aldhir.
Construction Date
112 BF
The library belongs to The Keepers and High Sage Syronikir.
It is the largest collection of information and books in the world. For research it is one of the best locations.






  When approaching the Adroon library it immediately becomes clear what makes it stand out. On the edge of the Adroon Oasis, people can clearly see a large building built into the cliffside of the mountains around the oasis. The cliffside is home to many other buildings and houses of the Adroon oasis as well and is one of its most defining features.   Even though the entrance to the Adroon Library is smaller than the Clansmeet, it is still the largest building since the number of excavated chambers is enormous. Before someone enters the building proper they walk through a gardens filled with several ponds, trees and exotic plants.   The entrance itself is not located on ground level though. To reach it visitors first need to take some stair to get on top of one of the two small ziggurats. Once there they can walk onto the bridge connecting the two and enter the library from there. Several statues are placed alongside the entrance as decoration, all in Misiran style.  
Adroon Library Cliff by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate
Syronikir's Level layer

Syronikir's Quarters

  Much higher upon the cliff there is an additional entrance that can only be reached by flying creature. It is however, still possible to enter the area through the library itself. These high chambers are actually the quarters of the High Sage Syronikir. The entrance to the front is also the main way that she exits and enters the library.   The high sage keeps several hundreds of books here that she wants to read or has read in the recent past. The rooms are also filled with all forms of maps and deeper inside the quarters she is believed to keep several Falls for arcane experiments.   Near the center of the entrance she also maintains one of the few working portals of the world. With this one way portal she can travel somewhere when the need arises.  



Entrance Hall

  After passing through the large cliff entrance the visitors of the Adroon Library are often surprised by the vast complex that can be found behind it. The entrance is already imposing itself thanks to the large astrological clock and the imposing display of flying magic orbs.   The magical display and the statues of Dragons underneath it is believed to have been created a century after the construction of the library. What the magical orbs are actually for other than decoration is unknown.   Any visitors to the library need to check in at the desk from where they will be guided to appropriate section for their reading or research. The library is open all day but is not accessible to non Keepers after nightfall.    
Adroon Library Entrance by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate
Adroon Biology Research by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate

Biology and Herbology Research

  In several areas of the library one can find research quarters dedicated to biology and herbology. Many books related to these subject can be found here just as the live version of many plants.   The research quarter's plant are used to create all kind of potions to see which ones would be effective medicines or enhancement agents. Many non magical solutions to diseases have been discovered here but also magical potions are created here from time to time. The first healing potion is believed to have orginated from the library.  

Arcane Research

  The arcane arts is also something that is heavily studied in the Adroon Library. Each of the research facilities has a large amount of Falls which are used to test new spells or creation of magical devices.   Many students also come here to train themselves to become wizards and those that leave the library after many years are among the most formidable casters. Any form of Chaos magic is forbidden as to remove the risk of Chaos Corruption.  
Adroon Arcane Research by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate
Adroon Library Section by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate


  The main sections of the library exists out of large chambers filled to the brim with books from all over the world and from all disciplines. Those who want to find out more about a specific subject often go to a section in the library dedicated to it. A section of the library for a subject, like for example history, could take up as much space as a regular library would take up.   The various rows upon rows of bookshelves are often visited by researchers or reading fans from all over the world. Along the reading tables in the library section one can often see students studying or doing research for their courses.  
Adroon Library
The largest library in the world is built into the cliffside of the Adroon Oasis and is home to a gigantic amount of books and research facilities. The The Keepers are the organisation that originally created the library and are still one of the most influential factions today.


  Much of the information inside the library has been combined in the Encyclopedia Nioratha from subjects such as biology or geography. The sections inside the library are the same as for this books. Even more the stained glass art related to each section is used on the cover of the relevant Encyclopedia Nioratha book.   Other sections not in the encyclopedia have also been put into summary books such as Histories of Niorath and Life around the world. These books are not as widespread but nonetheless their sections stained glass art are also used for the book covers.            

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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