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Summer Camp Article and Idiom Dictionary

Final Summer Camp Article Count: 42/42

(!! I honestly didn't expect to do this, but I took down the last three in a fit of insomnia.)  

Favorite Articles

Voiceless Language
Language | Aug 1, 2023
Frankly, I'm really proud of this one. I made a constructed sign language, created a video in which I use it to sign and developed enough of a transcription system to even get a few words in the dictionary. I was working on this one right up to the end, so the formatting is wonky, and it still needs a lot of work. I will probably come back to it off and on throughout the year, but for now, I think I deserve to sit back and appreciate what I've accomplished. If you read only one of my articles, I would love for you to read this one and let me know what you think.
Janishbu Man
Document | Jul 25, 2023

The doomsday man on the corner is very polite.

This one was just a lot of fun to write, from coming up with the sandwich board to writing the newspaper article. Also, it's a document about a document, so it answers the prompt twice. If you want some additional context, follow this up with the Oath of the Forest and be sure to read the spoiler section.

The Rest

Now I'm going to list all 42 articles (!!!) and the associated idioms I promised in 2023 Summer Camp Homework. I do think this is one of my best summer camps. What I like most about writing articles in three different worlds is that someone following the articles closely will see how they are connected. BTW, I was too lazy to write out the full prompt titles, but I'm sure you'll follow. ;)  

Powerful Organization

Organization | Jul 21, 2023

This Minor Continent nation is notably split in half by the Hunter Mountains

Associated Idiom

In Florarova, Mountain Dreams are dreams that are unlikely or impossible. This comes from Diamondheart's failure to effectively conquer the Hunter Mountains. He thinks he's going to get famous, but those are just mountain dreams.  

Seat of Power

Settlement | Jul 7, 2023

Zenxon's capital is a perfect microcosm of the nation's internal conflicts

Associated Idiom

Stone is sometimes used as a derogatory term among sprites to describe humans or things of human make. Why you looking at her man? She's all stone.  

Resource Providing Fuel or Power

Material | Jul 9, 2023

The sprites of Zenxon have long born an important relationship with the trees.

Associated Idiom

Return to the trees is a sprite euphemism for death. Everyone returns to the trees eventually.  

Animal Associated with Power

Keelan Eagle
Species | Jul 7, 2023

Known as a formiddable hunter, this bird is the national symbol of Florarova

Associated Idiom

In Florarova, keelan eagle can also refer to a powerful and/or determined person. Trust me, he's perfect for the company--a real keelan eagle  

Culture that has Suffered Under a Stronger Nation

Ethnicity | Jul 28, 2023

Associated Idiom

take out stitches is a relatively new phrase among the Dhadiz, referring to Jadinth censorship. It likely rose up as a way to discuss the problem without being understood by outsiders. Aronas told me he's going to have to take out the stitches in his history class next year    

Conflict Between Unequal Powers

Dhadiz Occupation
Military Conflict | Jul 10, 2023

Associated Idiom

Posy cheeked originally referred to the rings of rash that is a common symptom of the Virion disease. Unfortunately, it is increasingly used by the Jadinth to refer to the Dhadiz in general. You're not getting sick, are you? You look a little posy cheeked.    

Title and Responsibilities of an Important Person

Rank/Title | Jul 5, 2023

Associated Idiom

Approval of the grey or grey approval refers to something a procellus supports, especially when it is not supported by other religious or political leaders. It won't be long before that changes. It already has the approval of the grey.  

Destructive Event

Virion Pandemic
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 7, 2023

The disease that cut Milon off from its colonies.

Asscoiated Idiom

Locker room is a colloquial expression in Melzi referring to a quarantine location. This did not arise out of their similarity to early locker rooms, but to early quarantine rooms locking patients in with no exit. Don't you dare send me to one of them locker rooms! I am not sick!    

A Mischevious Species

Tufted Marsh Wader
Species | Jul 3, 2023

This unusual marsh bird is known for its mimicry

Associated Idiom

Flying flowers is not only a colloquial term for the marsh wader, but also a reference to something taken as a sign. She was thinking about moving, and losing her job was her flying flowers.

Popular Summer Tradition Involving Art and Creativity

Dekani Independence Day
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 19, 2023

Associated Idiom

Because the keelan eagle is the natural predator of the tufted marsh wader, it is sometimes used in Dekani to describe someone who doesn't want to have fun. You're being a real keelan eagle right now.

Unclaimed, Unregulated, or Lawless Region

Gold River
Geographic Location | Jul 13, 2023

Gold River? Lawless? Depends on who you ask.

Associated Idiom

On the Minor Continent, rivers are a symbol of trade. Economists refer to the river of trade and to meet at the river means to make a trade or a compromise. We disagreed, but we were able to meet at the river.

Settlement at the Limits of the "Known" or "Civilized" World

Settlement | Jul 29, 2023

Associated Idiom

Donkey Day refers to any day that traders come from another town. This refers to the use of donkeys, rather than cars, as the main form of transport among the Huxoth.You promised me a new dress come Donkey Day

Job that Takes its Practitioners to Remote or Far Away Places

Profession | Jul 21, 2023

The most prestigious position among the Seers is also the most dangerous

Associated Idiom

Fasting from food and water is not only believed to help bring on visions of death, but also means you die quickly if your Mistwalk fails. Therefore, to eat before a Mistwalk refers to a form of self-sabotage. Don't do it. You'll be eating before a mistwalk.

Animal Found in a Non-Populated Area

Painted Turtle
Species | Jul 21, 2023

It doesn't hurt to have a healthy respect for these omnivorous sea turtles

Asscoiated Idiom

Because painted turtles have a high metabolism, having a turtle's metabolism is sometimes used to refer to voracious eaters. I thought we would have leftovers for dinner, but my son has a turtle's metabolism, and he ate them all for lunch!

Useful Plant From a Wild Area

Thoov Tree
Species | Jul 27, 2023

Though it grows only in areas of volcanic activity, the "Ash" tree or Goddess tree is an important part of Pelan culture

Associated Idiom

Among the Pelan, to literally or metaphorically color something purple is to make it holy. The people of Mocrioca colored Cornelia Pembrooke purple.

Material From a Dangerous Location

Material | Jul 13, 2023

To make this dye, you first need a find a tree growing in volcanic ash

Associated Idiom

Due to lume discoloring their skin, the Pelan have sometimes been called the purple people. What do you call an Ethite cannibal who eats his Pelan neighbors? A purple people eater.

Character Driven by Wanderlust

Laura Pfieffer
Character | Jul 27, 2023

After putting off marriage for nine years, she married... and then traveled some more.

Associated Idiom

A Pfieffer Friendship is a relationship in which one or both parties are frequently away for long periods. Though it's often used negatively, to describe someone who is flighty, it can also be used nuetrally, and sometimes depicts very deep relationships between far away friends. Author Melissa Hyatte and actress Molly Taylor are known Pfieffer friends.

Cuisine Form a Remote Region

Lizard Tails
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 27, 2023

One of the most popular Huxoth foods, lizard can be served in three ways

Asscoiated Idiom

Because lizard tails are often eaten in ceremonies related to divination, lizard dreams are very vivid dreams or dreams which often insight into the future. I fear I had a lizard dream last night.

Iconic Building or Landmark

Florarovan National Temple
Building / Landmark | Jul 9, 2023

One of the most famous buildings in Florarova, the National Temple is the center of Vitnu faith

Associated Idiom

While most people use the phrase tie a vote to refer to an equal vote, in Suxad and Florarova, it only means to cast a vote because in early Elvish and Vitnu culture, votes were made by literally tying knots in different pieces of cord. To untie a vote means to ensure something doesn't pass by refusing to vote for it. He went to go tie his vote, and instead untied it!

Letter Sent in Secret

The Luka Nistor Letters
Document | Jul 29, 2023

When your magical community is hunting you, communicate in secret.

Associated Idiom

Scavengers sometimes send letters on paper that easily dissolve in water. Therefore, to wash your words means to dissolve a letter so no one else can read it. (Similarly, to wash a person is a euphemism for killing them.) Please wash these words after you have read them.

Tradition or Behavior Considered Old Fashioned

Ethite Eyebrow Piercing
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 30, 2023

Associated Idiom

In Ethion, to wear your history on your face is the same as wearing your heart on your sleeve. This comes from how Orthodox Ethites can identify import life events by looking at each other's eyebrow piercings. Of course I know you're upset. You wear your history on your face.

Item of Great Cultural Significance

Nina Kho's Wolfskin Hat
Item | Jul 19, 2023

Associated Idiom

In Brek and other places with large Mermish populations, a problem that is howling at the door is imminent. We need to get the car fixed. It's howling at the door.

Ancient City that is Still Inhabited

Settlement | Jul 22, 2023

Associated Idiom

In Diamondheart, having a monster in the pond is like having a skeleton in one's closet. This a reference to the mysterious Auras Pond with a binding ring around it. I don't think you should date him. He acts like he's got a monster in the pond.

Historical Figure Still Venerated Today, and Why

Queen Merdi
Character | Jul 29, 2023

Kept prisoner in an enemy land, Queen Merdi eventually escaped to unite her own country.

Associated Idiom

In the city of Evering, the phrase curiosity saved Merdi is used as kind of the opposite of curiosity killed the cat. Here, adults try to foster curiosity in children, as it's seen as a way of emulating Merdi. "She asks a lot of questions." "What's wrong with that? Curiosity saved Merdi, you know."

Profession that has been Rendered Obsolete

Profession | Jul 17, 2023

Associated Idiom

When someone has done something very bad (or sometimes, just messed up very badly), it's said that no amount of mourners can save them. You wrecked mom's car? No amount of mourners can save you.

Children's Tale of Song Based on a Real Event

Oath of the Forest
Myth | Jul 23, 2023

Every sprite child knows they will one day swear an oath to the trees. But they only think they know the reason.

Associated Idiom

The Great Destruction is itself a euphemism which refers to an ancient tragedy mentioned in sprite texts. No one knows exactly what the Great Destruction was, but the leading theory is the extinction of the janishbu. There is no evidence of janishbu mentioned anywhere after the Great Destruction, so they probably died in the event.

Species Now Considered Extinct

Species | Jul 25, 2023

These winged monsters may live forever... in fairytales.

Associated Idiom

Among sprites, the phrase free as a Janishbu rider means the same as free as a bird. School is out, and I am free as a janishbu rider!

Historical Culture Whose Influence is Still Felt

Ethnicity | Aug 1, 2023

Asscoiated Idiom

To be afraid of the Tuirli is a way of saying someone is very superstitious. I know you think it's lucky not to wash your socks, but you're just afraid of the Tuirli. And your feet stink.

Ceremony that Represents Transition

Thisaazhou Song Circle
Tradition / Ritual | Oct 2, 2023

Associated Idiom

An outsider who is adopted into a Thisaazhou family and dances in a Thisaashou song circle is known as an invited Thisaazhou. "A Thisaazhou who doesn't practice the Shax'ia faith?" "Well, I was invited."

Rare Natural Phenomenon

Fire Silk Harvest
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 22, 2023

Associated Idiom

Alajan snow refers to the migration of the white-winged Fire Silk moths from further north or south. We're trying to align our vacation with the Alajan snow

Method to Carry Goods

Transportation Stations
Vehicle | Jul 26, 2023

Associated Idiom

As transporting can be very disorienting, the term transportation head refers to being dizzy, lightheaded, or even just confused. I think I should see a doctor. I've got transportation head.

System to Send Messages

Vincent's Binoculars
Technology / Science | Jul 31, 2023

Associated Idiom

To do something at the speed of Vincent's Binoculars is to do it very quickly. I can pack at the speed of Vincent's Binoculars

Form of Silent Communication

Voiceless Language
Language | Aug 1, 2023

Associated Idiom

The term Voiceless is itself an idiom, referring both to the fact that this group of people primarily sign, as well as their lack of voting rights. We are only Voiceless because they made us so

Organization for Which Prosletyzing is Important

Organization | Jul 28, 2023

Associated Idiom

In smaller cities in Diamondheart, the term temple refers to the house of the local clergyman. I stopped by the temple earlier today, but the priest wasn't home.

Species with Unusual Form of Communication

Perfume Plant
Species | Aug 1, 2023

Associated Idiom

Due to the perfume plant's foul-smelling orange blossoms, another colloquial name for it is rotten fire. I don't go by their house. They have that rotten fire growing everywhere.

Character Who Excels in Manipulating Others

Mercy Mannik
Character | Jul 26, 2023

Determined to return Nefrale's rightful heir to the throne, Mercy Mannik had a plan

Associated Idiom

To show someone Mercy's Mercy means to offer someone who has hurt you a chance to work alongside you. Faraday Academy operates on the idea of Mercy's Mercy. A student who would be expelled at another school is instead paired with a mentor and asked for their input on improving the school.

Important Public Announcement

Janishbu Man
Document | Jul 25, 2023

The doomsday man on the corner is very polite.

Associated Idiom

Janishbu Man is the name given to Alex Moss, who stands near the IAF building with a sign proclaiming the end of the world. These days, the Janishbu Man is just another landmark on my way to work.

Building Associated with Communication

Voiceless Language Lab
Building / Landmark | Jul 26, 2023

Associated Idiom

Because the Selwyn Language Lab was once a bar, the sign for bar in the language has evolved in Selwyn to mean class. In other cities in Melzi, this sign is different.

Character Who Lurks in the Shadows

Jo Lumo
Character | Aug 1, 2023

Associated Idiom

When traveling in Alaj, Jo hides her identity by identifying as the River Rat, (the name of her boat) rather than her actual name. I hear the River Rat'll be coming into town tomorrow. Tell her about your son's burial. She'll want to know.

A "Negative" Condition with Hidden Advantages

Sight Sickness
Condition | Jul 29, 2023

A condition which makes your visions of the future physically manifest

Associated Idiom

To kill one's visions means to stop any kind of purposeful scrying. He had sight sickness, so he killed his visions.

Organization Dedicated to Keeping a Secret From the Public

Head Mistwalker Family
Organization | Aug 1, 2023

Associated Idiom

The term Seer monarch refers to a powerful leader who usually lets their subordinates make decisions, often democratically, and only wields power when absolutely necessary. This term is mostly used among Scavengers. I'd work for The Librarian. I hear he's a real Seer monarch.

Truth about the Meaning of Your Universe

The Fracturing of Magic
Myth | Aug 1, 2023

Associated Idiom

Dead as Magic in some contexts, means the same as our dead as a doornail, but more frequently, it is used sarcastically to refer to something that is not over yet. I'm sure the drama at work is as dead as magic.

Cover image: by Molly Mar


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