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Maybe the Dragons could tell us more about Auras. The castastrophe would have been only a few generations back for them.
— Diamondhearten citizen
I don't why they're asking us about it. It's not like Auras was dragon-made.
— fire dragon
Auras is the one of the oldest still inhabited cities in Diamondheart. No one is sure who originally built it or exactly when, as its original inhabitants disappeared. It has since been reoccupied by various groups over time. It is known for its giant binding rings, the original purpose of which is also unclear. It was likely destroyed in the Diamondheart Catastrophe, a mysterious event in the 1st century, during which Diamondheart suffered numerous economic and technological losses. A large number of people died and many cities were reduced to ruins.
The earliest documentation of Auras comes from early 4th century writings which describe the great metal rings found set in the ground. Whatever use they once had, the purpose had since been forgotten, though they were clearly some form of binding magic. Once explorers had discovered the region, the king appointed a council in charge of further excavation, with the hope of discovering not only what the binding rings were for, but also how they could be activated. Unfortunately, little knowledge was gleaned from this, and the ruin was later declared a disaster site, out of fear of what the binding rings might be hiding.
It was not until 1236 that Auras came back into public attention, when the king decided to try to bring it back as a town. Though some people were nervous about it, he pointed out the many treasure hunters who had been visiting it and "caused more damage than they sustained."
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