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Keelan Eagle

The keelan eagle is a raptor found throughout the Minor Continent, known for its brightly colored feathers. Keelans eat a variety of mammals, fish, and birds, most notably, the Tufted Marsh Wader.


An adult keelan eagle weighs about 15 pounds, with a wingspan that can reach up to seven feet. Their feathers are a mix of green and brown, and their heads are usually yellow. Scientists believe they evolved to resemble to the tufted marsh wader in order to trick prey animals into ignoring them.

Habitat and Diet

The keelan eagle lives primarily in the marshy areas of the Minor Continent where it feeds on fish and waterfowl. While they are known for eating marsh waders, fish are the true staple of their diet. They usually live individually, or in a nested pair.


Graceful flyers and amazing hunters, the keelen eagle is viewed in Florarova as a symbol of power and dominion. Once used for falconry among early settlers, it is now both the national bird and national symbol of Florarova.
Geographic Distribution

Keelan Eagle vs. Tufted Marsh Wader

The keelan eagle has developed an interesting relationship with the tufted marsh wader, as they have both evolved to better hunt or escape the other. The keelan eagle's coloration resembles that of the marsh wader, making it less likely to be spotted in the marshes, but the marsh waders mimic the eagle's calls in order to trick it. The prey bird's talons can also make them formiddable opponants, and the symbolism is not lost on the two nations of which the birds are symbols.

What's in a Name?

As an expert hunter and the national bird of Florarova, the keelan eagle is also used as a metaphor describing a person who is powerful or determined. In contrast, because of its relationship with the tufted marsh wader, in Dekani, referring to someone as a keelan eagle is the same as saying they are a terrible bore or enjoy destroying other people's fun
I like the new principal. He's a real keelan eagle!
— Florarovan parent
I hate the new principal! He's such a keelan eagle.
— Dekani student

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