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Een (i:n)

Een is one of the oldest and most widespread religions on Nideon. Though it began in Diamondheart, off-shoots spread to different areas of the Southern Conitnent, such as Virarona. The Diamondhearten were also determined to spread the religion, as they believed that The Great Tempter worked through other gods to destroy the world, and only the worship of the true god could save it from potential destruction.


While followers of Een do not deny the existence of other gods, the believe their own diety, the Soul-Joiner, is superior to all others. According to their faith, the Soul-Joiner not only created the world, but he is the only god who cannot be corrupted by The Great Tempter. Therefore, it is imperative to convert members of other religions to the Een faith, as every follower of another god is a stronger hold the Great Tempter has on the world, and the more likely he is to rise from the depths to destroy the world.
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Traditionally, Een clergy were only men. Clergy are believed to have a divine connection the Soul-Joiner and can heal through prayer. The Soul-Joiner may also grant them visions of the future. Clergy will encourage young boys to pursue ordination. If they are ordained, they mark themselves by shaving their heads. Clergy are encouraged, but not required, to remain celibate, so most do not have families.

Temples and Worship

Traditionally, people worshipped by praying in their own homes, with group worship reserved to Een's many holidays. As such, in many smaller towns, group worship is held at the clergyman's house, and there is no temple. Temples are primarily found in larger cities, in order to accomodate more people, and in areas of conquest, where the Een required regular public attendance of outsiders as part of a forced conversion.

Holy Text

The Een have four holy texts:

  • a document of the creation of the world and the battle between the Soul-Joiner and the Great Tempter, ending in the Great Tempter's imprisonment.
  • an acount of the Soul-Joiner's life on Nideon, in a mortal body
  • a list of laws which humans must follow to prevent the Great Tempter's escape and be welcomed into the afterlife
  • a book of prayers
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