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Serendipity is both the capital and the largest city in Zenxon. Unlike many other cities in Zenxon, it is a less forested aread of the country. It is mostly populated by humans, but also has a growing number of Sprites. It is home to the IAF Building, Zenxon University, and Greenfield University. It's considered a center of education.

Important Locations

Capitol Building

The Capitol building is, of course, where the Zenxonian Legislature meets. Throughout the year, people come from all over the country to meet their representative and watch the legislative debates. Current debates include the rights of Sprites living in the country, educational reform, and national conservation efforts.
The most notable feature of the capital is its rotunda, which is elaborately painted with images from the days of Linakran rule, including religious iconography. While most humans say it is a wonder of art and achitechture, many sprites argue that it is a reminder of centuries of occupation.
The Linakrans would have grouped me with the sprites, so I'm with them on this.
— Zenxonian Wizard

IAF Building

When architect Essence Sweetmoss, known for combining human building materials with traditional sprite methods, was asked to build the headquarters for the International Astromythological Foundation, she insisted it must be built in her home country, and thus the foundation is headquartered in Serendipity. Though there is distaste among some residents over both the presence of the controversial astromythological teachings and a downtown building of sprite construction, the IAF building has been declared one of the top ten sights of Zenxon. Open eight days a week, it has more visitors than the capitol.
The IAF building is known as one that both humans and sprites frequent. The president of the International Astromythological Foundation has been cited as saying that the building, like most IAF projects is intended to build community and encourage education among all people. Furthermore, he hopes that the building will help build community across racial boundaries.

Zenxon University

While not the first university in the country, Zenxon University is the most prestigious. It has more areas of study than most other univerisites in Zenxon, including a recently added astronomy program, likely inspired by the presence of the International Astromythology Foundation in the area.

Greenfield University

The first university for sprites in Zenxon, Greenfield has inspired several other similar schools, such as Pine University and Willow University. It's the alma mater of Essence Sweetmoss, and many sprite teachers throughout the country. It is also home to the city's largest park.
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Owning Organization

Districts of Note

Though there are no longer laws restricting certain areas of the city to only sprite or human activity, there are also no laws (outside of Old Town and Downtown) preventing private businesses from restricting their patronage. As a result, most sprites tend to avoid "human districts" near the center of town, and many humans disdain "sprite districts" farther out, with Intersectionary Districts sometimes being the only place the two groups meet.

Old Town

Old Town is, as the name implies, where the oldest parts of Serendipity are located, including the capitol building. This is the area of the city with the largest percentage of buildings made of stone. It is considered an intersectionary district even though it only borders human districts because legally, buildings there cannot be restricted to only human or sprite patrons. Nevertheless, it not heavily frequented by sprites, except during protests.


Downtown is where most other government buildings are located, as well as the IAF Headquarters, and some of the best shopping areas outside of Lower North. Though it is already an intersectionary district in location, laws also prohibit the restriction of patrons on the basis of race, as in Old Town.

Lower North

Lower North is a human district known for its shopping centers and very wealthy neighborhoods.

University District

University District is so named because of the presence of Zenxon U. There are some areas, including near the university, which are sprite friendly, but it is a human district, so sprites are better off knowing before they venture out.


Also named for its university, Greenfield is a sprite district bordering Downtown. Several sprites rights organizations, such as the Forest Alliance are headquartered here.

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