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Blood, Gold and Silver. It flows into Zirchonia, throughout Zirchonia and out of Zirchonia. You'd do well to mix with the right crowds here.
  • A local mercenary reflects on his experiences in Zirchonia.
Zirchonia is a primary dock town in Kaechaek that belongs to Peridot and was built by them as a thoroughfare for a variety of countries to enter and trade with Kaechaek.   It is a rough outpost that is moderately well defended but often targeted by creatures in the area who can feast on the scraps of trade and the naive and cocky nature of those not aware of the dangers of Kaechaek. This has led to a heavy Jewelled presence as Peridot seek to maintain control of the space and ensure it remains squarely theirs.   Zirchonia does not offer unique minerals, magic or opportunities for itself but, acting as a northern dock town, Zirchonia offers easy access to the country of Kaechaek for the likes of Peridot, Thornden and Felin in particular whilst also acting as a strong passage to The Kastlands.   Because of this, not only the outside of Zirchonia but also the inside has become a dangerous space filled with criminals, representatives from syndicates and mercenaries all looking to profit from the trade and people who travel through the town.   Whether one belongs and is loyal to Peridot or not, many who travel to Kaechaek choose to take the route through Zirchonia and many others will set up in this town in the hope of finding a slew of opportunities.   However, Zirchonia has received several warnings from both Emperor Honour and The Venator for it's swelling population and the influx of people that do not know the ways of Kaechaek. These warnings went unhindered and the Venator have been banned from visiting the barony of Zirchonia. This has led to it becoming a space filled with the sweetest of dreams and the most horrifying nightmares as the Quori and Nocta Mori begin to fight over the space for influence.


Zirchonia is 'run' by it's owner Marcutio. However, they are widely seen as weak and unequipped for the job and so, whilst the Jewelled answer to him and he is asked for guidance in times of political crisis, the town has become rife with corruption and is often seen as entirely lawless... especially with many of the jewelled in the town being very easy to convince to turn a blind eye.


The town is moderately well defended by men with heavy numbers of Jewelled Soldiers and tough mercenaries. However, the threats of Kaechaek and strange and dangerous. As a result, the town is often attacked by strange creatures in the night that they are ill equipped to deal with and the dreams and nightmares that pervade the town mean many of The Kae avoid this town as they know of the danger of dreams and nightmares in Kaechaek.   Recently, Peridot have attempted to broker a deal with Thornden for their skilled monster hunter defences... however, this has hit a

Guilds and Factions

The Venator have been removed from Zirchonia but a variety of guilds and factions have centres there including:


Zirchonia was founded by Peridot as one of their very first baronies in Kaechaek. Since then, the space has swelled and grown exponentially and become a majro centre for trade in Kaechaek, and a large source of income to Peridot.
Alternative Name(s)
The Entrance, The Docks
Trade post
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