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Emperor Honour

Emperor Honour (a.k.a. Formerly named 'Blade')

A Tiefling who rose to rule all of Kaechaek by increasing the power of his baronies through The Path and with a focus on virtue and honour (hence his name), he gained many allies and removed his enemies to rise up the ranks of The Kae with his own barony. He was also the Tiefling that struck a deal with Thornden to establish a Varne Academy in Kaechaek and ensure Harbingers protected the country and the people of Kaechaek had yet more opportunities to improve as warriors.
  A tall and imposing figure with one broken horn and one horn that hooks up to their scalp, Honour is a red skinned tiefling with black eyes and a strong build. He constantly wears his plate armour, styled with the pink cherry blossom of Dream Wood materials, he also wears his dual Gunblades on his belt, showing off how well-armed he is. 
  Honour has proven to become a far wiser leader in his old age and notably contributed to the invention of the Gunblades of Kaechaek. Notably though, he has been accused of being too passive with the other nations barony's recently and has become notably quiet when called to action, choosing to instead pacify those around him and avoid conflict.
  Honour still looks rather youthful in his appearance, this is due to the fact he is known, through legend, to have consumed the heart of an angel for a massively extended life... an event he boasts of but never elaborates on despite the truth of it being verified.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Honour was raised in the undermountain barony of Sanctuary and was committed to making the barony seen as hero's and great warriors as opposed to villains.    He did this with a hot-headed and brash temperament that led to bloodshed across Kaechaek in the name of unity.    He has ruled Sanctuary and all of Kaechaek for the last 45 years and has spent that time being as wise a ruler as he can be whilst constantly trying to improve the nation.
Current Location
65 Years Old
Circumstances of Birth
Born an orphan in Sanctuary when it was still an underdark barony.
Black and pupil-less
Brown and tied back into a bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red with rough scales.
Ruled Locations

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