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A strange town, when you leave you're always caught in a state of confusion about when to wake and when to sleep. They say it wards off the dreams and nightmares... no one sleeping en masse, but what I saw in that alleyway... I'm not so sure...
  • A traveller from Nephil comments on their short stay in Bloomwilt.
  Bloomwilt is a town built within the mountains of Kaechaek that makes the most of it's rich dream infused minerals and veins of energy resulting in a community of metalwork and mineral carving that is delivered out to allied baronies throughout the nation.  Bloomwilt is a Kaechaek controlled barony and is owned by Emerred Quick-Wick who has made it a space of efficient mining as well as an area that fully embraces the use of The Venator in traditional Kaechaek methods for dealing with dreams and realisations.  Bloomwilt is also unique for it's method of running as a town as, in the interest of 'efficient sleeping' and making the most of it's inner mountain state, it has utilised a clock-work based system in which the town twists and moves in 3 rings from the outside moving in, each ring moving at a different speed to the other. This allows each ring to simulate times of the day. Determining morning, mid-day and night so that the town is never sleeping all at once but, rather, are dreaming in groups. Making it less likely for shared dreams to realise and, if there are realisations... then the Venator's search area is DRAMATICALLY decreased so they may put the appropriate dreamers to the sword. Bloomwilt's unique architecture, based around this ticking mechanism using clockwork and a team of transmuter mages to ensure it runs smoothly make it a sight many in Kaechaek wish to see in their travels. Bloomwilt's rings are not governed by hierarchy or class but simply act as smaller sub-towns with taverns, different accommodations and  workforces to ensure every  moment of every day the city is working.


The town is structured into 3 sections that are watched over by Quick-Wick, additionally, he has a town master working underneath him watching the outer, middle and inner rings of the city. Simply to ensure passage of time is working correctly as the rings shut down during 'night' and go through correct phases of work and trade during day and mid-day.
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