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Action & Adventure Club

The Action & Adventure Club is the collective name for all of the activities at the Greengale Indoor Adventure Park facility that were created and are mostly run by Jandor Mason and his friends. It is also the name for the membership program giving you access to their many activities and events. Though not an official business (all activities fall under the umbrella of the adventure park), it is one of the most recognizable brands in Greengale and the surrounding area.


In 2011 Joshua Mason and Calvin Eastman purchased a large, abandoned warehouse at the edge of town and turned it into the Greengale Indoor Adventure Park. They saw a need for more fun activities in the growing town and this was their first foray into the entertainment space.   They had many of the standard fixtures for an indoor adventure park including, trampolines, a rope course, obstacle course, and even a small laser tag room. Though not a failure, the adventure park was not the success that they had hoped it would be. It saw only intermittent repeat customers and not a lot of growth. However, since it made enough money to cover its own expenses with a small amount of profit, they decided to keep it open for a few more years to see if things improved.   In 2012, Jandor helping his father on weekends by selling tickets and somewhat being a ‘mascot’ for the venue. However, even at age twelve, Jandor realized that the adventure park wasn’t meeting its potential. So he went to his father with an idea, turn the obstacle course into something with “a bit more kick” and make it into a course similar to those seen on shows like Ninja Warrior. Joshua was intrigued, so he let his son help him design the course. Jandor did more than just help with the design though, he gathered kids of various ages, and even some adults to challenge the course, causing a huge stir and pushing up attendance numbers significantly for the first time in months. With help from Calvin, Joshua and Jandor were able to install a new course that could have pieces changed out periodically to keep the event fresh.   Calvin, who was never one to pass up a good idea when he saw it, approached Jandor and asked him if he had any more ideas and said that he would fund anything that he could imagine, as long as it eventually ended up turning a profit. He was willing to take a risk that the young boy could come up with even more ideas. Jandor was excited but he also didn’t want to disappointed Calvin, so he pulled in his two closest and most reliable friends Wayne Guardman and Becky Gabbie.   Together the trio came up with a few new activities that would help bringing in more customers on a continuous basis, based off things they knew kids around their age would want to do. They created an activity called “Tournament of Champions” that allowed kids to compete with others in their same age group in a myriad of different events, much like a game show. Jandor would come up with the events, Becky the bracket system and logistics, and Wayne would run them as the event’s emcee. After the initial success of the event, Ace joined the group and had the idea of adding things onto it like tickets and concessions for spectators watching the finals and Calvin was even able to bring in sponsors.   After a few months of the Tournament of Champions going strong, Jandor, Becky, Wayne, and Ace were given free rein to come up with any other ideas to help the adventure park grow with the financial backing of Calvin Eastman. Jandor recruited even more friends, bringing in more ideas along with them. Soon the Action and Adventure Club was born.   The essential premise of A&A was a membership program that kids could join and pay weekly for and participate in the activities (though some activities still had additional charges). Kids would go there every day, after school and on weekends to take advantage of that membership. This was a joint idea developed by Calvin, Becky, and Ace and there were different levels of membership. Parents loved the concept because it gave kids someplace to go after school, and when the tutoring program was brought online, it became an even more favorable option. A&A even had a membership level that provided dinners for those who had parents who worked late. In addition, for elementary and younger kids, A&A provided weekend programs where parents could drop off their kids for several hours, which worked like babysitting but far more active.   As the years went on, A&A grew. More members joined Jandor’s team, more activities were added, and the membership group, bringing in kids from neighboring towns as well. By the time Jandor turned 18 in 2018, the group had sixteen members in total. As far as subscribers to A&A activities, the number was well over 2000.

Activities & Services

Tournament of Champions

This is the longest running activity and event of the A&A Club. It combines multiple different components each month and can include things like the Ninja Warrior course but also other activities like scavenger hunts, sports events, gladiator type events, and more. Teams are formed and complete monthly for various prizes. The tournament lasts all months with major events taking place on the weekend and others that can be done any time throughout the week. Points are assigned to the top teams in each activity and the winner is announced after a final event between the top three teams at the end of the month. The activities and challenges are switched out every month and teams are reformed monthly as well. Only members of the A&A subscription service are allowed to compete, and the prizes are generally highly coveted.   Tournament of Champions has become such a staple of Greengale society that many people come out on weekends just to watch the major events. Many of the services listed below have been a part of Tournament of Champions.

After School & Weekend Child Care Programs

This is the second most popular component of A&A and arguably what cemented it as a fixture in the Greengale community among parents. Kids who have a subscription to A&A can come to the adventure park after school and stay until it closes at 8:00 PM. During that time, they can participate in any of the adventure park or other activities (depending on their subscription level), and also receive tutoring and homework help, and a snack and dinner. In addition, a more supervised ‘day care’ option is available for younger kids, though they must be at least eight years old to participate.   A&A also provides a more structured babysitting service for kids aged four and up on weekends, giving participating parents a safe environment to drop of their kids so they can run errands or have some free time.

Intramural Sports Clubs

Arguably the third most popular and active. A&A members can participate in the intramural sports clubs. Multiple sports leagues run throughout the year giving kids an opportunity to participate and compete in sports they may not have an opportunity to play in school. There are usually four to six teams at any given time, depending on the sport and ad-hock competitions are held weekly with prizes for the winning teams. To keep things simple there is no bracket system or league championships. The sports clubs are more of a way to help kids learn how to play different sports, get pointers, and have fun. Typically, those who already play for their respective schools do not participate but many of them do mentor the players.

Adventure Park Activities

These are activities people can participate any time they come to the adventure park and pay admission. They include the regular attractions that have been there from the beginning and some additional components added by Jandor, Calvin, and Joshua over the years. Though technically these are Greengale Adventure Park activities, the A&A brand is so strong that most people conflate the two. In addition, members of the A&A subscription service do not have to pay general admission.   Activities include:
  • Obstacle Course & Rope Course
  • Trampoline area
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Ninja Warrior course
  • Inflatables

Nature Hikes

The adventure park is located near the vast forest that surrounds the northern and eastern edges of the city. A&A leads weekly nature walks off of the well-worn paths in the forest giving people an opportunity to get exercise, see plants and animals they may have never seen before, and climb the large hill (or small mountain) beyond the woods.

Escape Room

A&A typically has four to five different escape rooms setup at any given time. They are designed for teens and younger kids to be able to solve though occasionally there are some specifically aimed at adult groups.

Video Game Tournaments

Video game tournaments are held monthly with a different game for each tournament. The events are held on weekends, and anyone is allowed to participate but they must pay to do so. Prizes are given to the top three players of the tournament in each month.

Laser Tag and Holo-gaming

The facility offers a traditional laser tag course as well as a holo gaming facility that invites teams to try their luck against a myriad of virtual reality games. Tournaments are sometimes held for either one of these. A&A subscription holders can play these at a reduced price.


In the empty field behind the Greengale Adventure Park, A&A has a large paintball field. Games are played each day and people can either join randomly assigned teams or create their own teams to compete.


In the woods near the adventure park, there is an extensive ziplining course setup and people can participate in ziplining runs every weekend.

Other Special Events

A&A routinely offers special events that occur monthly or semi-monthly and can only hold a set number of people. To keep things fair, people can only sign-up for these events a week prior to when they are set to occur. These include things like
  • Scavenger Hunts (throughout Greengale)
  • Midnight Capture the Flag (in the Greengale Woods)
  • “Street Smarts” courses and field trips – Where kids can go to the neighboring city of Urbis and learn tips about getting around and living in a major city
  • Pop-up club – a safe environment for kids and teens to have fun in a club atmosphere
  • Cooking Challenges – where culinary minded kids can participate in a cooking-show type competition.

Subscription Service

A&A has two different types of subscription services geared to kids of all ages and adults. The subscriptions can be either weekly or monthly.   Regular Subscription: Allows you access to all of the adventure park activities and participation in the Tournament of Champions, intermural sports clubs, and discounts on most other services.   After School Subscription: For school aged kids aged 8-17, includes all the benefits of the regular subscription plus the ability to get tutoring/homework help, snacks, and dinner after school. It also includes transportation from schools in Greengale and surrounding areas as well as drop off at specific locations for kids who live outside of Greengale.

Team Members

Each of the members of the A&A Club team, 16 and all, perform specific functions based on their talents, interests, and length of time they’ve been part of the team. They also participate in activities together throughout the year as a way of bonding.   The teen members of A&A are supported by Joshua Mason, Calvin Eastman, and Veda Guardman   Team Member Functions
  • Jandor Mason: Leader, designs Tournament of Champions, designs other competitions, leads ziplining, rock climbing and other activities
  • Becky Gabbie: Backend/back-office support and logistics for all activities events. Creates escape rooms, designs competitions. Manages subscription program.
  • Wayne Guardman: emcee/moderator/supervisor for most scripted events and tournaments, also logistical support and helps create escape rooms and design competitions and other events
  • Ace Eastman: marketing, Café, merchandising, website and any “up-selling’ opportunities
  • Ashley Summerson: unofficial “mascot”, café, participates in babysitting program, hostess for many events
  • Bernie Steward: Intermural sports clubs
  • Derrick Banks: Intermural sport clubs, rock climbing
  • Terri Henderson: After school and weekend babysitting, support and logistics
  • Stephanie Jameson: Nature walks, ziplining
  • Alyson Silvers: Intermural sports clubs, café and merchandising
  • Tabatha Wright: Marketing, merchandising, upselling
  • Daniel Mindmon: Tutoring and homework help
  • Melvin Conners: Tutoring and homework help
  • Henry Simmons: Video Game Tournaments
  • Ben Wilson: Escape Rooms, Laser Tag, Holo-gaming, website
  • Amber Young: “Street Smarts” courses and trips (With help from Veda Guardman), general logistics

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