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Daniel Mindmon


Daniel was not the adventuring type, as such, he wasn’t interested in the Action & Adventure Club or the myriad of activities that it offered. Daniel was more likely to be found playing board games, reading, or enjoying time alone. Far from a loner, Daniel had friends, but was not in the circle of friends that included Jandor.   What changed this was when Daniel’s father asked him to do a favor and tutor Terri Henderson who was falling behind in a few subjects, David Mindmon and Joshua Mason were both seal bearers and though not particular close, they saw this as an opportunity to bring Daniel into the fold since Terri’s academics had begun to slip due to her involvement in the A&A Club.   After tutoring Terri for a few months at the Greengale Indoor Adventure Park, Calvin recruited him into A&A to start a tutoring program based on the logic that parents would be more willing to let their kids come to A&A after school if tutoring was also available. Daniel’s tutoring program was a near instant success, earning him a permanent spot in the A&A Club’s teen staff. Despite not having a love for adrenaline pumped activities, he fit in fairly well. Unlike the others in the group, Daniel doesn’t look up to Jandor or see him as admirable, though he still respects him as the leader.


Daniel Mindmon


Towards Terri Henderson


Terri Henderson


Towards Daniel Mindmon



Daniel and Terri had a contentious relationship at first. During the second half of Terri's freshman year, Henrietta forced her to be tutored by Daniel in math and science because her grades were abysmal. Terri hated being part of the tutoring sessions because it made her feel dumb and unlike most of the members of the A&A club, Daniel didn’t give her special treatment because she was Jandor’s younger sister. To him, she came across as a spoiled brat who clung to her brother to get her way and never did anything on her own.   Despite a mutual disdain for one another in the beginning, Terri ended up raising her math and science grades and proving that she could work hard and Daniel eventually apologized for the way he treated her. After that the two began an amicable friendship, but nothing more.

Age 17
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 5"6' (1.68m)
Build Stocky/Muscular
Complexion Pale
Eyes Hazel
Hair Short, black
Father David Mindmon
Mother Susanne Mindmon
Mendalian Ranks
Adimus Rank Mentant
Guild Rank Fighter
Ramilda Masters School
Hometown Greengale, USA
Action & Adventure Club Member
Riverbed Warrior Guild Clerk
Ramilda Masters School Student
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