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Amber Young


Orphaned & Alone

Amber has lost every member of her immediate family. It started at the age of three. Her father committed suicide when her mother was pregnant with her younger brother. Aiden, who had a drug and alcohol problem, couldn’t stand the stress of being a seal bear, never wanting the burden. He eventually took his own life and It was because of this that the seal on the Book of War grew progressively weaker afterward.   Annabelle, seeing the toll that being a seal bearer took on her husband, and blaming this for his death, moved from Greengale to escape the destiny that would befall either Amber or her son Josh. They lived in the nearby city of Urbis for several years after.   Despite being disassociated from the seal bearers, Annabelle maintained a friendship with Veda Guardman. For a while Annabelle dated Veda’s younger brother Raymond, who also lived in Urbis. Raymond, however was caught up in many illegal activities including drug dealing, and gang related crime and eventually left Urbis to escape the law, leaving Annabelle and her children in an apartment she could barely afford by herself and in an unfriendly neighborhood with no one to look after them.   Annabelle was forced to work long hours and Amber and Josh often had to fend for themselves. One day, on a routine trip to a small corner store, Ryan was shot during a robbery. Amber was devastated. Though there was nothing she could have done to stop it, she blamed herself for his death. She even attempted to go after the man who shot her brother, but Wayne, knowing her intentions, intervened and with the help of Derrick and Jandor was able to save her from her own foolish attempt.   It was after this tragedy that Veda Guardman was finally able to convince Annabelle to move back to Greengale. Veda Guardman and Calvin Eastman were able to pull some strings to help Annabelle get an affordable mortgage on a small home. Annabelle still wanted nothing to do with the seal bearers but after some coercion from Veda and Calvin she agreed to meet with a few of them to discuss it while the A&A Club were away on their yearly summer trip. It was on this day that Ken Wright caused the gas explosion that destroyed the Wright house, with Annabelle in it.   Having lost both parents now, ironically both indirectly due to the secret of the Book of War, Amber was officially orphaned. Veda Guardman took her in and was able to officially adopt her after some time as Amber had no other living relatives. Amber is a very silent and soft spoken person. She struggles to find her place in the world, especially among the teens of the A&A Club which she feels no connection with except Wayne. She is pragmatic and realistic, but also tends to doubt herself, her abilities, and her worth. Much of this comes from the weight she feels from her brother and mother’s death, somehow feeling responsible.


Amber Young


Towards Wayne Guardman


Wayne Guardman


Towards Amber Young



Wayne met Amber when he was eight years old and she was five. His mother often visited Annabelle after she moved from Greengale to Urbis and Wayne became more and more acquainted with Amber and her younger brother Josh. They would spend hours together when their mothers hung out and over the years developed a pseudo-sibling relationship. This is further codified after Amber loses her mother and she is adopted into the Guardman family.

Nicknames & Petnames

Amber teasingly calls Wayne "big brother."

Relationship Reasoning

Though Wayne is protective of Amber, it is different from how he feels about Ashley because he believes Amber can take care of herself and he sees her as capable and independent. Their relationship is more light-hearted, and they often treat each other as true siblings, being teasing and playful with each other. Amber will often rebuff Wayne when he's being especially kind to her, but in reality she craves the attention. To her, Wayne and Mrs. Guardman are the only family she has left and she cherishes that bond.

Age 15
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 5'3" (1.60m)
Build Petite
Complexion Olive
Eyes Amber
Hair sleek, black, long
Father Aiden Young (deceased)
Mother Annabelle Young (deceased)
Brother Ryan Young (deceased)
Adopted-Mother Veda Guardman
Adopted-Brother Wayne Guardman
Mendalian Ranks
Adimus Rank Sensant
Hometown Greengale, USA
Action & Adventure Club Member
Library Info & Links
Parents (Adopting)
Wayne Guardman (Adopted-Brother)
Aligned Organization

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