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Melvin Conners


Melvin never had a desire to participate in the A&A Club. Unlike most of the other kids in Greengale, he didn’t think he would find anything that would appeal to him there. He wasn’t athletic, adventurous or particularly outgoing. At school he was often picked on because he was short and scrawny but he never let it get him down or allow himself to be bullied. In fact, Melvin was good at avoiding fights and confrontations but one day all that changed when he saw one of the more relentless bullies at Greengale High going after another student.   Without thinking, he intervened, not wanting another student to endure what he’d been so careful to avoid. Melvin was certain that by jumping into the fray he was going to get hurt, but to his surprise, Jandor Mason came to his aid having watched everything unfold. It was because of this that Jandor decided to invite Melvin into the A&A Club and Melvin, with some prodding from his father, accepted.   Melvin is one of the youngest in the group and the last one to join the club before the events of the books. He idolizes the older braver members, especially Jandor. The trip to the Isle of Adventure would have been his first with the club and he was anxious to prove himself.  
Age 15
Race Human
Gender Male
Height Height: 5'5" (1.65m)
Build Lanky
Complexion Pale
Eyes Hazel
Hair Short, black, messy
Father Marcus Conners
Mother Vivian Conners
Mendalian Ranks
Adimus Rank Mentant
Hometown Greengale, USA
Action & Adventure Club Member
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