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Stephanie Jameson


Among her friends, Stephanie is jokingly referred to as the “perfect one.” She could have been a teen model with her long auburn hair, bright green eyes, and hourglass physique. In school, she always wore the latest fashions and was extremely popular. However, she also loves nature, and had a constant tan from her many weekends spent outdoors, walking through the woods in mud-caked boots and torn jeans. Stephanie joined the Action and Adventure Club when she was drafted by Calvin Eastman to take on the nature hikes that were a staple of the club since Jandor started doing them at age thirteen.   Stephanie’s home life took a turn for the worse after her mother’s death. Her father, who was already absent much of her childhood due to work, seem to take an even more hands-off approach after the loss of his wife. He was also angry that the secret of the seal bearers was kept from him by his wife, and he was only told after her death. Clearly grief stricken himself, he took on more hours and a sales role that kept him away from home most of the time so as not to have deal with his pain. This of course had a seriously negative impact on his daughter, though she rarely spoke of it to her friends.   The death of her mother also prompted Stephanie to take up learning the flute, an instrument her mother was proficient at and always wanted Stephanie to learn. She quickly realized that she had a natural talent and became skilled at the instrument just by teaching herself.  

The Summoner

When she was transported to Mendala, Stephanie first found herself in a war-torn city in Marshroot during the height of their bloody civil war. It was extremely traumatizing for her but eventually she was able to escape by pawning her cellphone to a quickener. The only other item she had on her was her mother’s flute, which she’d found in Henry’s basement just before the fateful transport. On Mendala, it was revealed that the instrument was in fact designed for summoners and everyone Stephanie met assumed she must have been a part of the Order of Nature.   Based on this information and looking for a place to go, Stephanie made her way to the Order of Nature preserve in Munio Mountain. Upon seeing that she did indeed have the summoner adimus classification and an instrument, the order took her in and began to teach her the ways of the summoners. Stephanie felt that she found her home with the order and wanted to stay there, not caring if she ever went back home.   However, a few years into her search, Daniel and Terri found her in Munio Mountain. Reluctantly she went with them to search for the others, but after a year of traveling and seeing more war torn and poverty-stricken towns, she was eager to return to the order where she remained until the present finally caught up with her.  

Weapons & Abilities

Stephanie is a fully qualified summoner in the Order of Nature. Every summoner has an affinity and hers is highest with wolves and certain wildcats. She has a silver-furred argent wolf companion named Lunox who is a protector. Because summoners can share certain traits with the companions, they are close to, Stephanie can temporarily gain heightened senses and speed.   Guild License:
  • Staff (Class D) – Proficient
  • Bow (Class C) – Proficient
Age 17
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 5'7" (1.70m)
Build Slim
Complexion Light-Tan
Eyes Green
Hair Past shoulders to mid back, golden brown
Father Kevin Jameson
Mother Isabelle Jameson (Deceased)
Mendalian Ranks
Social Rank None
Adimus Rank Summoner
Guild Rank Fighter
Hometown Greengale,USA
Order of Nature Summoner (Fully Qualified)
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