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Alyson Silvers



Alyson is very free-spirited and carefree. Having grown up idolizing her father, she adopted a very tomboyish persona at a young age. She loves sports, swimming, surfing, and anything that gets her adrenaline pumping. She’s a tough fighter and a loyal friend, always willing to go the extra mile for someone she cares about and even more willing to soundly punish anyone she thinks deserves it.   She can easily transition from “one of the guys” to “one of the girls” in any given situation but she doesn’t like to be labeled or put in a box, and her closest friends are the ones that understand that about her from the start.  

Early Life

Alyson was born in San Diego and spent the first eleven years of her life there. Her father, Chris, worked on the beach teaching people to surf, parasail, and more, so Alyson grew up spending much of her time on the beach and learned to surf at a young age. She idolized her father who seemed to be able to do everything and spent a lot of time trying to emulate him. Chris took the young girl on many adrenalines packed adventures all over the state and she had the opportunity to experience a lot of things.   Unfortunately, Chris was too much of a free spirit to be tied down for too long. Though he loved his wife and daughter, he had an extreme amount of wanderlust and didn’t like to stay in one place to long. He often took odd jobs or contracts that would take him away from home for weeks or months at a time. This wasn’t a problem until he was offered a permanent position at a shop in Australia and he wanted to move the family there.   Alyson was eager to go, but her mom, Sharon, didn’t want to permanently move out of the country. This led to a huge fight and eventually the couple decided it was best to separate. Chris moved to Australia for his new job, while Sharon decided moved back to her hometown of Greengale and took Alyson with her. Alyson was furious. Not only had she lost her father, but also her home, all in one summer. She couldn’t understand why she had to go to Greengale and she begged her father to take her with him to Australia, but Sharon had obtained full custody. Though he promised to stay in touch, Alyson rarely heard from her father after that.   After living in San Diego and traveling all over with her father, the small, quiet, somewhat remote town of Greengale was a considerable downgrade for Alyson. She hated the slow-moving town that seemed to be immune to excitement and was angry at being forced to move there, away from her father. She took this anger out on anyone who crossed her path and started bullying the kids at her school to vent her frustrations. Secretly she hoped if she got in trouble enough, her mom might send her to live with her father.   This lasted for almost a year until Alyson started bullying the wrong person, Terri Henderson. Unaware that Terri was Jandor Mason’s younger sister, Alyson didn’t hesitate to target her and it didn’t take long for Jandor to intervene on his sister’s behalf when he saw his sister being accosted after school.   Though Jandor was bigger, older, and tougher than Alyson, he didn’t resort to violence, as that wasn’t something he was prone to do. Instead, he defused the situation by distracting Alyson with the offer to “show her something really cool.” Intrigued, by the older boy’s promise, Alyson ended up following him and the ‘really cool” thing he ended up showing her was his father’s weapon collection. Alyson was completely awed by this, though she’d never had any particular interest in swords or other weapons, seeing a real one in person piqued her curiosity. Jandor, seeing this, promised that he would show her how to use them if she promised not to bully anyone again, and Alyson readily agreed.   From then on, two to three times a week, Alyson would hang out with Jandor and his father and learn how to use the weapons in their collection. She also discovered that Jandor was good at kickboxing and other martial arts and he taught her that as well. Finally, she had something constructive to do with all of her pent-up energy and she’d made a friend who enjoyed adrenaline fueled activities as much as she did.   Over the years, Alyson spent a lot of time with Jandor and his father, even eating at their house from time to time. She regarded him as sort of an older brother though she did develop a slight crush on him, though she never pursued it, mostly because Terri would never let any girl get too friendly with her brother, with the exception of Becky. Still, Alyson and Jandor became good friends and because of this, Alyson started to adjust to life in Greengale.  

The Action & Adventure Club

Alyson was one of the first people to participate in the activities offered by the Action and Adventure Club when they were just beginning. She was excited to finally have something fun and interesting to do in the quiet town. It was through A&A that she met Ace Eastman. Alyson enjoyed his cavalier attitude and mischievous ways. She developed a crush on him, but as with Jandor, it was clear the interest wasn’t reciprocated, and she never pursued it. Instead, the two became close friends and Ace considered her someone she could confide in, especially since she was one of the few people not intimidated by his family’s money.   Ace eventually convinced Alyson to join the A&A Team and help plan and lead events, which she readily accepted, and it became an important part of her life. She would have no idea how important the group of teens really was until she discovered the secret her mother, and all of the A&A parents, were keeping.  


Age 17
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 5'8" (1.72m)
Build Toned
Complexion Ivory
Eyes Blue
Hair short, thin, blonde
Father Christopher Silvers
Mother Sharon Silvers
Mendalian Ranks
Guild Rank Warrior
Hometown Greengale, USA
Birthplace San Diego, USA
Action & Adventure Club Member
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