WeekendWarriors Corp

What better way to kill some time than to kill some scum?  
— WeekendWarrior Marketing Ad
  Billed as an "adventure & exploration" corporation, WeekendWarrior specializes in organizing pseudo-military expeditions for bored and jaded citizens looking for the kind of adrenaline rush that comes with shooting someone. Arms and armor are rented by the hour, and customers can go through the hoops of a military operation from planning to execution, confident that every care has been taken to make sure they'll be the winners.    

Death At A Discount

Be a warrior - this weekend, all bullets are 50% off!  
— WeekendWarrior Marketing Ad
  Guaranteed to satisfy the bloodlust of even the most enthusiastic gun fanatic, the WeekendWarriors operations generally come in one of three forms; package deals, re-enactments, or custom-made operations.    

Package Deals

Package Deals are pre-made scenarios made by WeekendWarriors, such as a Sector 13 riot, robotic uprising, or wild Raffleraptor hunt. In these, the entire thing is planned from beginning to end by the Corporation, the actors (read: victims) set up ahead of time, and everything in what is generally an easy-to-reproduce package. Such deals often use prototype or faulty robots instead of actual humans since those are easier to get ahold of on commission. Even so, the Corp holds seasonal events where they engineer the kind of event they want to sell. Whenever there's a rash of riots or some conflict breaks out somewhere around the world, the WeekendWarriors pump out a new slew of Ads to sell some warfare.   Although the scenario itself is set in stone (or so the corp claim - once on the ground, they don't always control what'll happen), the customer still has plenty of choices to make. Everything from the color of camo pattern to the weapons they'll use, to be able to call in artillery or emergency extraction, it has all the trappings of a videogame, but with live bullets and real people on the line.  
WeekendWarrior will often include camera drones on the battlefield, selling especially memorable moments as short videoclips or images. For extra, customers can even take trophies of the slain and have them properly taxidermied.


Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be there, at that historic moment? When the fate of the world hung in the balance - and you, yes you, can be there to decide it.   Order your adventure today; a warrior!  
— Weekend Warrior Marketing Ad
  Re-enactments are just that, recreations of historical battles. Though WeekendWarrior has traditionally focused on more modern conflicts (reducing the need for expensive costumes and set pieces from other eras), they're starting to branch out. There's no lack of old battles for customers to pick between, and fortunately for almost everyone, these are typically waged against robots dressed the part. Even for the Megacorps, it has proven remarkably difficult to get their hands on actual roman legionaries to shoot.   Of course, nobody likes to be on the losing side. For a bit extra, customers are allowed to change the battle's outcome, with a crew of writers working behind the scenes to give them a satisfactory sort of "what if" video or article after they're done. Accuracy isn't as important to the WeekendWarriors as profit, so customers can further alter the experience by bringing whatever they want to pay for into the fray, regardless of what history says.    

Custom-Made Operations

Wage war, your way.  
— Weekend Warrior Marketing Ad
  The most expensive part of the WeekendWarrior's price sheet is the custom-made operation. These are ordered months in advance and tailor-made to the customer's exact specification, from weapons used to opposition faced to final confrontation and results. Every part of the operation is done together with advisors from WeekendWarriors, often engineers and ex-mercenary types, to get the customer exactly what they need.   When it's close enough, the WeekendWarriors will just take one of their other operations, scrub off the serial numbers, and sell it as a whole and unique experience. If anyone notices enough to complain, well, deaths and accidents always happen on the battlefield.
Sector HQ
Neossolonika - Sector 4 Total Assets
4.2 billion
Corporate Status
Minor- Subsidary of Centurion Arms & Armor  
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)

Centurion Servant

WeekendWarrior is a subsidary of the Centurion Arms & Armor Megacorporation, one of the most powerful in the Megacity. The Weekend Warrior incursions are sometimes used by their parent corporation to test new weapons, prototype vehicles, combat drugs, or military robotics.   In some cases, an actual military operation by Centurion might be in danger or in need of diversion, and the WeekendWarrior customers might be roped into provide it.  
by Experiment Zero: Burn All The Monsters


Always on the short end of the stick, Chipless non-citizens are fair game as far as the laws of Megacorpolis goes. Selling their slaughter as a good deed done has become somewhat of an artform for the WeekendWarrior marketing department, who'll incite some sort of conflict between Chipless gangs or even pay them to attack other sectors of the Megacorpolis.   Sometimes, all it takes is for the Corp to drop some caches of weapons into Sector 13 and going "Look, they got guns! We better do something", and another weekend of 'adventure' is sold.  

War Is A Team Sport

Most of the operations sold by the WeekendWarriors are by the seat. Customers buy a spot on a upcoming event and take part of the operation as part of a team, both to simulate the realities of war but more to the point, keeping costs down while maximizing profits.  
by Ashi Fachler
Needless to say, the EULAs of WeekendWarriors are quite extensive.

In The City

WeekendWarrior is just one of many corps selling adventure, and not even unique in selling warfare as a recreational activity. Among their many competitors are corporations like Bodycount Inc, World War Warriors, and Zombie Apocalypse Adventures, all of varying quality and success. What sets WeekendWarriors apart more than anything is their relationship with and backing of the Centurion Arms & Armor corporation. They function just as much as a crude testing facility for whatever insanity that Centurion arms manufacturers have managed to crank out that year, combining with the WeekendWarriors to make a buck.   Whenever Centurion has a prototype they aren't quite sure about, you can be sure that there'll be a special deal plastered across every WeekendWarrior ad featuring the thing.  
ONLY THIS MONTH: Power Armor Adventure   Ever wanted to scatter criminals in a suit of invincible technology? Book your adventure today with the Power Armor Adventure module; featuring the latest Ronin Armor by Centurion Arms & Armor!  
— WeekendWarriors Marketing Ad


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