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Introduction to Magic Earth

Dear reader, imagine that in the world you live in there is magic. This is Magic Earth. Magic is everywhere and everyone knows about it.

Sapient Species

Humans are the main sapient species on Earth, but not the only one.


Fey are the physical manifestations of Spirits who moved from the Spirit Realm to Earth. Most often they can be found around Ley Lines.


In the 1990s Hellborn, a non-demonic species banished from Hell, appeared on Earth. In recent years they were allowed to live freely, but there are problems with Humans accepting them.


Magic is an ability of a person to manipulate parts of the world around them. It is estimated that about 2 billion people in the world have magical abilities. However, it is just the number of people registered in the Mage Registry. It is unknown how many unregistered magic-users there are.

Magic is neither good nor bad. It is merely a tool which can be used for good and bad. Throughout history many people used magic to help others and further the advancement of the human civilization. However, we can't forget about the times where magic was used to kill and destroy. The use of bloodfire 25 years ago and death of millions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We must not forget the events of the past and protect the Earth for the future generations. The Magical Security Act is the right way to do that.
— Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States of America, at the UN General Assembly on 17th of June 1970

Blood Magic

Blood magic is a school of magic which focuses around blood of living beings. It can both use blood as a catalyst and manipulate blood in the veins and outside them. Blood magic is often considered the most powerful of the all schools of magic. Blood magic was banned in 1970 and blood mages are treated like criminals and hunted by the Blood Magic Investigations Division ever since.

Alternate History Urban Fantasy
Tone, Mood
Neutral, there are good and bad things in the world
Character Agency
Neutral, people can change the world, but it is hard

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