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Humans are the most common sapient species that can be found on Earth. They are so widespread that since their first appearance the history of Earth has become history of humanity.

Basic Information


Humans are a bipedal species with hands adapted to carrying things. In most cases, hairs are located only on the head. Face hair is mostly a male trait and hairs on other parts of the body are rare.

Genetics and Reproduction

Humans reproduce sexually. Reproduction requires very close contact between man and woman. The woman is carrying the child for 9 months.

All human cultures have developed different approaches to this topic. Some are more liberal and others are very strict. In most cultures, reproduction is only appropriate if the two people took part in some sort of a wedding ritual.

Growth Rate & Stages

The first 20 years of Human's life can be divided into two stages which can be then divided into even more stages. Generally speaking, for about 10 years Human is in a child's stage. During that stage, there is a rapid growth of his body and he learns many social skills. Next half of the first 20 years is, most importantly, a period of puberty. During that time a person's sexual organs start to work and he starts to prepare to look for a mate.

Adulthood and "old age" are two periods which can't be clearly divided. The transition between them is fluid and different for everyone.

Ecology and Habitats

Though humans prefer warm climates they are an adaptable species. Humans are able to survive quite long in a cold climate. With the use of technology and/or magic they can turn the most inhospitable environments into a cosy home.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All humans have 5 senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. Disabilities involving the loss or weakness of one or more senses are quite common. Magic is often called the 6th sense, which is present in only some humans. Magic users themselves don't call magic a sense. They say that it is something much more complex and someone without it can't understand it.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

There are thousands or more organizations founded by Humans, both existing and disbanded. Today most countries in the world work together for common good. However, there are still some who want to destroy peace and dominate the world.

United Nations - the biggest international organization formed to keep peace in the world.

Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens sapiens
80 years
Average Height
1.7 meters
Average Weight
62 kg
Related Ethnicities
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