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Napoleon's Return

It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte died two times. The first was on the island of Elba in 1814 and the second time on the island of Saint Helena in 1815.

Exile to Elba

In the Treaty of Fontainebleau the members of the Anti-Napoleonic Coalition forced Napoleon to abdicate and sent him to exile on Elba, a small island of the coast of Italy. A non-hereditary prinicipality was created for Napoleon there. He was transported to the island onboard the HMS Undaunted. For a few months everything was alright. Elba was even developing under Napoleon's rule. After a few months he learned about his ex-wife's death in France and locked himself in his room. After a few days a guard entered a room and found him dead.

At the time of Napoleon's death there was an ex-soldier from his army present on Elba. He was a necromancer. Napoleon's guards approached him. They wanted to resurrect him, so he could rule Elba for more years. The necromancer agreed and the ritual was a success.

After being resurrected Napoleon wasn't the same person as before dying. He was devasted from his ex-wife's death and seperation from his wife and son, who were in Austria finally got to him. Additionally, he heard rumors that the British are planning to move him to a remote island on the Atlantic Ocean. It made Napoleon escape Elba and go to France.

The 100 Days

In France, Napoleon still had the support of the soldiers so he quickly gathered an army. The coalition also mobilized and both sides met in battle. Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo.

Exile to Saint Helena

After his defeat at Waterloo Napoleon was captured by the British and sent to the remote island of Saint Helena on the Atlantic Ocean. The British made sure there was no magic-users in the vicinity which could resurrect him. He died there in 1821.

Historical Basis

Napoleon was exiled to Elba and Saint Helena. He also escaped from Elba and fought at Waterloo. However, the information about his first death and resurrection is uncertain. Some passing mentions in private notes and letters of his guards on Elba and the fact that only on Saint Helena he was seperated from magic-users seem to be the only proof of the story being true.


The story of resurrection spread mostly by word of mouth. The written records speak mostly of the 100 Days, Waterloo and exile to Saint Helena.

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