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There isn't one form of a dragon. Some have wings, others don't. Some have four legs, some two, some none and just slither like snakes. Some breathe fire, other rule the seas and oceans. Some dragons have more than one head. The only characteristics shared by all dragons are that they are reptilian and sapient. Many human religions throughout history worshipped dragons as protectors and givers of properity.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Dragons live in almost every climate on Earth. There are mountain dragons, forest dragons, water dragons, ice dragon and even fire or lava dragons living in volcanoes.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dragons are carnivore hunters. Due to their size they need to eat huge amounts of meat to survive. To minimize casualties, Humans all over the world were give them sacrifices of meat.

It is common that after a fight of two dragons, the loser is eaten by the victor.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dragons are solitary creatures. Because of their very long lifespan, most dragons meet with others of their kind only once in their lifetime to procreate. Children stay with the mother for about 10 years after birth and then they began independant life.

Average Intelligence

Dragons are considered the most intelligent and wise creatures on Earth. In many cultures rulers, nobles and even regular people were going to the dragons for advice. Very often the advice was good and people were giving the dragons gifts as thanks. That way massive dragon treasures were created.

3000 years
Geographic Distribution


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