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Giant Ape

Giant Apes, or Sasquatch as they call themselves, are a sapient species of big humanoid creatures characterized by dense hair all over their bodies. Depending on the region of the world they live in their hair can be black, brown or white. The white-haired Giant Apes are present mostly in high mountains and most people refer to them as Yeti.

You're awake? Good. That fall couldn't have been very pleasant. I hope you're feeling better
— A Sasquatch to a rescued Human

Basic Information


Giant Apes are humanoid meaning that they walk in an upright position on two legs and have two hands free to manipulate objects. However, they are much more robust than Humans. Their neck is also shorter than a Human's. From a distance it may look as they have no neck.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Giant Apes are omnivores with a preference for meat. They hunt with their bare hands or using simple wooden spears. Most of the time they eat deer, boars and smaller animals such as squirrels and other rodents.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Giant Apes prefer being alone and their groups are limited to 2-4 people and they are only their closest family. As there is very little difference in strength between males and females, members of groups cooperate in all tasks and there is no gender division of roles.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Giant Apes can be found all over the world, on every continent. In every place they live, they prefer to avoid human-populated areas and live in deep forests. In some regions Humans don't even know that Giant Apes live near them.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Giant Apes live a simple life. They don't use modern human technology. Instead, they rely on basic things to survive. They use wooden spears to hunt. They cook on fire and sleep under the stars.

Common Dress Code

Sasquatch don't use a lot of clothing. Their hair provides them with enough warmth during the cold months and it covers enough of the private body parts. Sometimes, when they want to look better, they can put a piece of cloth arounf their waist and put on a simple jacket.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

We're not monsters. We are just a different path of evolution. We don't mean you harm
— A Sasquatch
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens pilosus
95 years
Average Height
2 - 2.3 meters
Average Weight
90 kg
Alternative Names
Skunk Ape
Swamp Ape
Fouke Monster


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