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We Are Not Alone

The Harani's unofficial report.

"Quiet everyone, quiet. Stop talking and start drinking. We have something very important to tell all of you. Here on Breharan we have something uncommon on the skies. Many islands are barren rocks or have simple animals. Here, we have people, buildings, history, and community.   Quiet and enough with the applause. That isn't the point I was trying to make. Far out there we found something, or rather someones. We are not alone."
— Ryza Chavosi, Excerpt from the speech We Are Not Alone

An Address to the Drunken Masses

When the crew of the first skyship, the Harani, arrived back at the skyport of Darapur, her crew disembarked and headed straight through the crowded streets to Furearilsiccokivaribikoviskushussila - better known as the Bridgewater Inn - for a drink. Drinking was not the only thing they did. The soon-to-be-famous explorer Darosi stayed silent as he often did but Ryza - the soon-to-be-famous explorer and captain - told tales of their adventures.   The final tale in this story was not the final event chronologically in their journey but perhaps the most impactful. Ryza revealed to the people in attendance that there were other civilizations far out into the skies. The room burst into questions about what they were like but Ryza left the descriptions to her surprise guest.

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A Rushed Scribe

The stories told at that time were recorded by a scribe who arrived just in time to begin writing. The original copy is known for the quickly scrawled opening lines and ink spilled on the top of the page.

The Surprise

After telling many stories and finally moving on the the story the speech was named for, the crew of the Harani had a surprise for everyone at the Bridgewater. Removing the large cloth made of an old sail Greentail - who had joined the crew of the skyship when it visited Kestatol - revealed themselves to the people of Breharan for the first time and lizardfolk have only become more common on the continent since.

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