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Mica Maryan

Mica Maryan (a.k.a. Skydancer // Magpie)

"You couldn't handle the Maryan, sweety.
You don't wanna know what bullcrap I went through to perform here tonight.
No, I don't wanna bore you with one of these stereotypical 'It all began when I hatched' stories.
Because that is exactly what it is, big surprise!
Still there? *uch* Fine ... but you will keep me company and buy us dinner, as this will take a bit."

Mica to an adoring fan.

Personal History

One Egg for Freedom

Mica never got to meet her parents as they gave her away way before her birth. To get out of the grasp of the ruthless criminal ring ‚Familia‘ have they given up on the thing they value most and at the same time not at all. Their recently fertilized egg. Giving up on the pink-dotted egg in exchange for safely leaving Old-Scamall sounded like a good deal.
The kobold looked at the egg in question and then at her mate, her expression quite indifferent. With a silent nod from the male was the decision formed even before exchanging a single word. Having kids is easy, but raising them is a nuisance. Having more is easy as well. With both seemingly lacking any emotional attachment to the pink-dotted egg, a content smirk formed on both their faces, having found their way out of debt.
„We have to make it look as if this is a painful decision and that we only do it out of a lack of options. Or do you wanna give up on our small fortune instead?“ the female kobold asked.
„Do you even have to ask, love? Let us give these crooks our best whiney faces.“

Mica’s egg got in the same evening ‚unwillingly‘ handed to the crime ring leader, who let the pathetically crying mates out of his grasp in exchange. They were never heard of again.
The kobold egg hatched a few weeks later amidst a ragtag crew of the filth of Old-Scamall. Thieves, thugs, burglars and even murderers, all in well-tailored suits, were the first thing the small pink kobold laid her eyes upon. And the small being felt as the first emotion in her early life fear, not love with eyes scanning her thoroughly. It was the words of the boss, who all only addressed as ‚Father‘, which broke the silence.
Father looked down on the small fledgling and scoffed, glancing over those, who were with him. Reaching out, he grabbed the now cracked large egg, in which the nameless kobold sat in, and let it rest in his large clawed hand.
„Gentlemen? So this is what these lowlifes gave us in exchange for their freedom. I expect you all to turn this fledgling into a useful member of our family. Corrupt her into an asset of our business. Cracker! Teach her the skills of the street, to survive out there. Rash? You are tasked with forming her mind to think like one of us.
I want her to be able to pick locks before she can even speak.“
The massive drake rearranged his tie and sat down on his enormous chair, turning the egg around, letting the kobold’s face oppose his. He let her experience his dirty crooked smile, one that would haunt her for decades to come.
„We will turn you into a useful tool, little one. And if you don’t live up to my expectations … well, better do. For your sake.
Now how to name my little underling? You are nothing … Mica.“

Mica grew up under the helm of various crooks, all tasked by Father to render her into an obedient tool, that only thinks for the benefit of the family. She stole her first trinket at 6 months and learned to pick locks within her first year, just before she was able to speak coherent words, as Father desired. Her mind only knew darkness and got conditioned to think and act like a criminal and to view her ‚family‘ as her owners. She was no living being for most of them, only an asset to make things easier.
Mica of the Familia by Soulwing98
Years passed of her getting more and more indoctrinated into the ways of Familia, and she developed into a shaded representation of what she could have been, a small devil of the gang. Father however pulled her aside on multiple occasions to at least allow her to develop some kind of smartness to remain to be useful later, when she will hit puberty.
Mica got tutored by Father and some teachers, who were in debt to the Famila, learning mathematics as well as Common and the draconian language. Father’s intentions were to make her knowledgeable enough to talk herself out of situations and understand the mathematics of the more difficult locks and security systems above the ground, when she will be sent to steal from the Purists of Scamall. He didn’t care for her development but wanted to avoid turning her into a servant slave of the family after having put so much attention on her development and corruption all these years.

And if she would turn out to be too dim for his elaborate plans, then she could always become yet another servant of the family.
Mica was everything but a knucklehead and sucked in all possible knowledge gain Father allowed her to experience. And through some personal talks with her tutors, she also developed something else. A seed of resistance. Her teachers treated her differently than her family. Like as if she was after all of value. One even blossomed some personal cravings in her little brain, to learn something different than crime.
Her math teacher looked at her with his dim citrine eyes, thinking about what to say to answer Mica’s question. She expressed curiosity over what she could do to ‚lift her spirits‘ when she is feeling down. And he, impressed by the nimbleness of this pink kobold, so flexible at that young age already, had just the idea to shed light into her darkness. The next time he got brought into the manor of the Familia, like always with a bag over his head, he smuggled a few simple sheets with his math books. Showing Mica what he brought, a low-purring rumble vibrated through his bearded chin.
„As far as you told me, Mica, have you gotten trained in parkour?
You must have good control over your body. So I think this might be a good exercise to lift your spirits. One you can master by yourself, for yourself. Dancing.“
He showed her a few sheets of step-by-step dance moves, traditional dances of the city above ground, of Scamall. Sheets that would multiply with him smuggling more into her grasp and her mastering each dance he presented to her, performing them for him only in utter silence. It was this Caracal teacher, who planted the first genuine smile onto her always serious and neutral face.

The following years, her 10th up till her 16th birthday got formed by a corpse, the corpse of her teacher. Mica got caught practising her dancing instead of devoting her essence to the Familia having caused a goon of Father, Jester, to investigate where the new interest of their tool originated from. They began searching through the belongings of every person they let her have contact with breaking into their houses. In the domicile of the math teacher Jester and his crew found him, how he glued new dance sheets to the backside of the math books. Having tracked down the fool, who tried to mess with their little slave thief, they forced him back to the manor, presenting him to Father.
Father glanced at the teacher with displeasure, his men have roughed him up quite a bit. Looking then over to his little kobold servant he shook his mighty head, his loose scales chiming.
„So you are the one, who showed Mica how to dance. Well, I have to commend you on this, you are even out of your math profession a good teacher. She is an exquisite dancer. But … have I granted you permission to do that? HAVE I!?! … No.“
He then pointed at Mica with one of his handheld guns, he pulled out of his mantle, flipped it around and presented to the scared kid the handle.
„You know what to do, my little Mica. What do we do with those who forget to ask? You have to start somewhere, why not now?
Execute that traitor. Draw first blood.~“

Forced by peer pressure Mica was forced to do as asked, to take her first life, being the first person who treated her in a pleasant way. The seed of resistance came to fruition, with his blood being the fertilizer. Mica’s agenda shifted as reality caught up to her brainwashed mind. She wanted to experience the life her teacher taught her, dance for those, who value her efforts. But Familia had other plans for her, they would never let her do what she desired to do. They had to go, out of her life. She needed more allies.

Aid from the Law

In the following years she lived a double life, driven by the desire to experience normality and to stop applying more blood on her young paws. On one heist she had to do alone saw Mica her chance to get help. Instead of following the plan on the same day did she divide it up into a two-day heist to not draw attention to herself from the Familia. From intel, she knew that a higher-up from the Army of Peace was currently in their underground city district, a Caracal named Aurelia Vulpes. She took her chances and cornered the woman while she enjoyed tea down the street to her destination. Slipping into the tea house, she marked her plan as an observation point, Mica met up with the law enforcer by hiding under her desk.
“Field commander Vulpes … I need your help.“
The squeaky voice of a young reptile caught Vulpes‘ attention and she put down her tea in confusion, looking around in the mostly deserted place. Nobody but a few members of the staff of this tea house.
The sound appeared muffled, so she instead touched with her bare feet around under her desk, finding the reptile, who apparently was cladded in multi-layered leather. Belts … pockets. This felt like the traditional garb these pesky Familia used on their heists. A snitch? She lowered her voice and spoke slowly.
„What does one like you want from me?I have no business with crooks.“
The squeaky voice got silent, nearly toneless even, knowing she is doing something risky.
„I want to make the Familia disappear. What do you need from me?“

Vulpes was very clear about what Mica would need to leave the Famila behind her. She needed enough intel to bust all at once. Close family and all middlemen. Only when all, who care about the gang, would be out of the picture would Mica be free of them. Furthermore was it important for Vulpes to give her inside woman the assurance, that she herself will do what she can to lower her own sentence with her cooperation so that she gets a clean slate to do what she desired afterwards.
The following years were Mica the most beneficial she possibly could be for the Familia, seemingly finally have came to her senses to indulge in a life of crime, even warming up to those she despised as a child. But her goals were different. She hated them all, especially after first her teacher, then Vulpes, showed her that life outside of the ring would be much better, what she deserved. She made sure to stay attentive, write down anything of use for the law enforcers and periodically met up with the Commander to give her more and more intel for the grandest scheme of her life. Within the second month after her 16th birthday, she finally tracked down the whereabouts of the last middleman missing.
As organized prior with the Army of Peace was Mica at the fateful hour near Father, ready to distract him if necessary.
Mica waltzed over to her boss, looking up to him for a last time, gifting the drake the fake smile she perfected over years of abuse and submission to his cause. She jumped up on a smaller normal-sized chair and swivelled over to the nervous big boss. A smirk, now a bit more sinister.
„What’s the matter, Father? You do look not that hot today? Have eaten something wrong? Did the chef screw up?“
„Shut it, Mica! No, not the food. My gut … my gut feeling tells me … something is about to happen. Or is it my precognition implant? The stupid thing can only predict the most immed …YOU!“
Father jumped up, furious, ready to fight, reaching out for the massive revolvers under his jacket, his enormous tail whipping the wall behind him in a rage of anger. He looked at his tool with flaming eyes, having seen what will happen. And his stare was met with the gentle smile of a girl, which never had anything to lose.
A peal of silent laughter.
„Yes … me. And checkmate! You lose.“
Having said the words the men in the walls waited for, law enforcers in heavy exoskeletons barge through all four walls of the office, launching everything they had at the big boss of the Familia. Screams and shootings started echoing through the whole manor as all members got busted, one by one, and the furious face of Father got even more livid, screaming his hatred out before the cryoguns of the soldiers freezes him shut. Commander Vulpes appeared next to Mica, laying a paw on her shoulder, and gently squeezing it.
„You really are something, Mica. Reports just in, your preparations were worth gold. We got them all, everyone you mentioned. Now all that is left is to appear as our witness in the judiciary and all these, who made you who you became will land behind bars … or somewhere else. You have done our home city Old-Scamall a great service, my friend.“

Mica was in the following court meeting, lead by none other than Justitia, the goddess of Law and Order, prime witness and told her goddess and all present everything they asked of her. She didn't even shy away from mentioning the many crimes she herself was forced to do, desiring to earn Justitia's goodwill in treating her differently than those she ratted out. And Justitia acknowledged her words and gathered enough of her former mortality to treat her case more lightly than those of Familia as a whole.
"In the name of the Justiciars of Truth will I now proclaim the final Verdict upon those, who had terrorized Old-Scamall by now for far too long.
Thanks to the gang member Mica, who will be sentenced afterwards, have we managed to upheave the entire organisation rendering the city below to a much safer place to live. The final Verdict regarding their countless crimes and their complete lack of any feeling of guilt will be the following. They will be put into conservation by the demigods Sagus and Gratia, to serve the rest of their pitiful lives in the deepest cells of Blackstone Prison in servitude to our development.
As for witness Mica. We have received your requests to get judged fairly, to stand straight for your crimes, and to leave your old life behind with a clean slate.
As Blackstone is a prison tailored for arcanists, will a Purist like you do not suffer from the Zabrit architecture. Our associate Cabsi Astl will carry out your sentence and observation. You will work with her in the upper levels of Blackstone to lower your original sentence of 2 years. You will receive your requested Tabula Rasa when associate Astl reports to us your full commitment to the cause and successful reformation.

Justitia (4994)

While Mica disliked her goddess' decision to let her serve her sentence in the same complex as her former gang, fearing for her life, her worries quickly nulled when the Familia arrived in a collective group in Blackstone, with Mica being still in the care of Vulpes walking alongside her. It was there, that she witnessed just why she would never have to worry about them seeking revenge ever again. Having arrived on the flying prison rock floating next to the reverse mountain that was Scamall, her path with her ex-gang divided right after the prison gates closed.
Blackstone was a massive complex, with the prison rock not only hosting the shaded prison but also the associated asylum deep down in the reverse mountain as well as the assassin guild, the shadow conglomerate, set above the prison complex in the sky. Vulpes held Mica close as she watched how the prison guards shoved the struggling gang of hers to an elevator. She witnessed their misery, as the dusted Zabrit in the air depowered their arcane abilities, causing the lowlifes she had to call her family to even struggle to walk, or even breathe. She could breathe just fine, with Father having never allowed her to become a mage. A soft paw got placed on her scalp and Vulpes ruffled her head softly.
"Take a good look at your old life, Mica. Their place will be many kilometres below our current location, in the top security tracts of Blackstone. You will never see any of their corrupt faces ever again. As for your associate. Cabsi is a weird kobold, but with her being a mage will you never have to go underground. You will serve your sentence above us."
Vulpes kneeled down in front of Mica and hugged the small kobold gently, but firmly.
"You are strong, Mica. You will get through this and I will help you once you are out to start your new life. I will have a meeting with the CEO of Noctec later this week to put some good words in for you. When you are out will I have everything prepared to start anew."

Vulpes was right with her words. Mica never saw her ex-gang ever again. Working with Cabsi was a strange new experience, as the dark-purple kobold treated her surprisingly well, more like a prominent guest and work associate than an actual criminal. She liked most parts of working alongside her in the prison complex and in her total 187 days quite a few oddly pleasant meet-ups with associates of the law, she would have spatted on only a few months ago. Her fame was undeniable with everyone in Blackstone knowing just what she did. And how she suddenly was hated by all criminals of the compound but respected by the wardens. They may have treated her like a normal prisoner, but never beat her up or put additional punishments on her. In the final weeks of her sentence, Mica felt more like a warden as an inmate, with her even carrying the key to her own cell. And when she finally got out and inhaled zabrit-free air again saw she, that her friend Vulpes indeed prepared everything for her new beginning, rewriting her persona from ground zero.

A dancing Lab Rat

The years until her 18th birthday were filled with new experiences and restructuring her life, finally allowing Mica's desires to prosper. Her friend Vulpes, as well as her husband Bors, his son Micor as well as his daughter Pencari were there for her to support her in her first steps to becoming a genuine citizen of Scamall. Vulpes hooked her up with the goddess Notitia, who accepted her pleads to earn an honest first start in Noctec as a Lab Rat, in her own interest of getting a hold on some of those ability-enhancing cybernetic implants Etherium was so popular for. Micor and Pencari helped her to nurture her interest in dance and tried to take dance classes with her. While the Mantis Pencari was a good dance partner was the clumsy lizard however everything but a natural. Their shared hours were in the end more of the hanging out with friends kind of evenings. And their father Bors took her eventually to auditions to try to find people interested in her growing skills. But nobody was impressed enough by her athletic but amateurish skills to allow her to leap from Lab Rat to become what she desired the most: Becoming a professional dancer.
But all that changed with her final makeover. Noctec sought for volunteers to test out the first prototype of the earth-shattering discovery of Magika, artificial magic. This means for a Purist to not be shackled to Etherium anymore, a chance to become immune against the 'curse of the Veil'. Mica was immediately on board, seeking to expand her chances of becoming a successful dancer to the entire world of Prius. The kobold was up to that point always cautious with contracts with Noctec, but this chance was too exciting. She snatched one of the few spots and signed the contract without reading every line of the long fine print. When she got led into Noctec's main complex to get physically rebuilt to support the Magika injection, was she excited regarding her future. She chose the artificial magic of 'Control', having hoped to maybe integrate telekinesis into her performances to finally convince the talent scouts of her unique capabilities. But she couldn't ever have prepared herself mentally for what would happen when she will woke up on the operating table in Noctec again.
Mica had entered Noctec a few hours ago before her goddess put the anaesthesia mask over her snout. The last thing she heard before the knockout gas took effect was the mechanical voice of Notitia yelling commands to her believers.
"Proband 17895 is ready. You know what to do. Is the artificial nervous system ready? We have only a few minutes on the open..."
Mica didn't remember anything after that point, not a single detail of the operation, nor any nebulous memories. She was gone, fully. That strong was the gas. Being shocked by the mention of a new nervous system she let out a small prayer to the very goddess that will cut her up while she will be on pause. A prayer she couldn't finish because of the gas.
When Mica woke up an hour later did she feel as if she just received a hours long pummeling from Father. But the orange glowing eyes of the eternal goddess awaited her instead, the solar cells being her frills reflecting the new appearance she will have to get used to.
"Wonderful. Prob ... Mica, welcome back to the mortal realm. You survived the procedure with bravura. We have only lost your mortal coil maybe ... seven times? Maybe nine. My gratitude is that you allowed us to perform such an experimental operation on you. Welcome to your new life as one of the first actually living Magitek users. You are the apex of my research. I am proud of myself."
Mica needed a moment to process all that. All these words made her head spin. She attempted to hold her pounding head with her left, but ... there was no hand coming. She looked left, then right. Brass-coloured shoulders reflected her gaze, a heavy gulp. Her throat felt hard. And her shoulder blades were cold. And her arms ... where are her arms!? Nothing was there! Mica looked alarmed up at her goddess, who shushed her instantaneously and pressed with her massive finger on the reactor hole between her chest scales.
"No need for arms, Mica. You are gifted with Magika. The artificial Veil runs now through your nerves. Conjure it up. Think of your two hands ... no all four of them. And raise them above the table."
The mechanical buzzing voice of the Eternal was nearly timid, patient even. A booming voice that calmed her new nerves and she concentrated as desired. First on the location Notitia pressed on, then on her hands. She oddly did feel the cold floor underneath her four palms. Lifting them up, all four hands of hers appeared in her sight and a heap of euphoria took Mica in a storm. She is now someone extraordinary! A flagship of the country that gave her a second chance. And ideas of how to utilize four free-floating hands to dance filled her mind. The birth of a star!
Refsheet (nudity)

Mica Refsheet by Soulwing98

Current Status
On Tour near your location
Current Location
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
4978 AS 20 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Parents exchanged her egg for their debts to the Familia
Old-Scamall into the Familia
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pink skin, lilac scales and rectangular markings on thighs and the root of her tail.
4’00“ / 122 cm
61,7 lb / 28 kg
Notitia, goddess of Science
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


Mica is a Purists against her will. She always dreamed of having abilities, that helped her to prove a point, to stand up for herself. But Father forbid her to get near any arcane animal to undergo symbiosis with, denying her any supernatural abilities. As she grew up, she slowly realized the way the Purists were thinking and buried her aspirations to become a mage, witnessing instead a steady growth in putting trust in her natural abilities, which also put her closer to a different desire, discovering the mechanical wonderland that is Noctec. After having fought for her independence she earned an honest living as a lab rat for this megacompany in the hope of further enhancing her abilities. A dream that came true in many ways, some however with quite drastic consequences.

Noctec Lab Rat

After having served her short sentence, Notitia finally accepted Mica's request to become one of her test subjects. In her two years of having tested out multiple prototypes did Mica always follow a personal credo, to which her very first personal enhancement helped her follow by aiding her to keep a clear head.
First body enhancement (NSFW)

Noctec's Kobold test subjects are notorious for signing the most reckless prototype contracts. It is known, that a kobold's intelligence depends on how sated the cravings of them are. Noctec tends to keep her lab rats waiting to just get them to such a horny state, that their mind noticeably dumb down. They are far more likely to sign contracts with a high mortality rate that way.
Mica, having gotten informed regarding that by her protector Vulpes, very carefully chose her first prototype Noctec would install in her body.
An experimental implant, which could aid all kobolds in not getting exploited in that way anymore: A lust leveller.
Mica signed the contract and got the implant installed below her crotch. This handy tool is set to hinder her body to enter the degenerative state of horniness by venting out her lust in a ... frankly quite embarrassing way. Mica starts dripping slightly, then stronger, depending on how much the leveller has to regulate.
A state, which she used later down the line as a popular dancer for her more than smutty afterglow parties, where such a state enhances her ceiling dance with a bit of juicy rain.

Having had at that time the means to read every contract carefully and evaluate her means of survival of each, she purposefully chose only low-risk / low-reward experiments, which could benefit her in her street survival skills.
List of Experiments conducted on Subject - 17895 - Mica
Performance test:

A new retina, which aims to combine Infrared-, Ultraviolet-, Darklight-, Roentgen- and Nightvision.
Long-time study:
Can the brain ever get used to these many options? -> Success
Performance test:

Sensual enhancements: earhorns. A series of minor enhancements allowed the proband to hear much better and to be able to hear ultrasonic waves as well as electricity. Furthermore, a memory option to record her surroundings and replay what proband heard via a speaker in her far left lower tooth. Lifelike replay functions.
Long-time study:
Can these options be abused? Criminal record of proband may grant these abilities a controlled field testing. Useful for our shadows?
-> Success, very potent
Prototype (NSFW):

Lust leveller. Implanted in her crotch.
Desired effect: Rendering kobolds to be able to work for a prolonged time without their notorious sex breaks. Such breaks are undesirable in a work environment and therefore to be eradicated to allow kobolds to be useful.
Results: Side effects are not very desirable. Results however highen work productivity -> Success


Nanorepairbots in the bloodstream maintain oxygen and cell production. Preparation for project Magitek.
Desired outcome: Higher endurance recharge -> Success
-> Elegible for project M.

Signed: CEO Notitia

Project Magitek

The hands of the Skydancer by Soulwing98

Mica was one of the first wave of probands, who received the elusive Magitek treatment as well as one of the 37%, who survived said treatment. A treatment, which opened many doors for the pink kobold. Firstly allowed the artificial Veil Mica to travel around the globe freely without the risk of ever becoming an Taken. A dream of purist kind come true.
Secondly opened her unique makeover the dancing thief to develop a unique way of travelling. Thanks to her life of crime was she quite light yet nimble and powerful and was easily able to lift her own body in weight. Using her third and fourth hands, those that usually idle at her hips, she was able to stand on the telekinetically held up hands being allowed to walk on her hands nearly effortlessly through the air.
Her arms get powered by her very own endurance. The centre power core in her chest sends out a request to her artificial nervous system to convert endurance into an artificial Veil to power the emitters in her shoulders allowing Mica to move her hands. She can move these hands in two ways. First in a realistic fashion, with them only moving as they should move if they would be connected with an arm to her shoulder. And secondly in a free space, not limited by the rules of her body. The telekinetic power between shoulder and hand allows her to pull on things or even use her hand like a lift, holding on to a ledge and pulling herself up.
While her brass bits are all impervious to pain and she can therefore not feel a thing with them, can she feel what her synthetic palms are feeling. Her touch is even a bit more sensitive than her normal touch to support the possibility, that she can't see her hands doing things.

Skydancer Maryan

Mica developed with her new physique a quite unique and oddly beautiful dance style merging her unparalleled athletic skills with the options her new hands were providing her. Her outfit includes long and wavy bands she can manipulate with her telekinesis to support her figures. Her main hands are her stunt hands, acting like safety ropes to allow her to perform scary acrobatic manoeuvres even under the ceiling. And her two off hands are her stepping stones, with Mica having trained her feet-hands coordination to instinctively move her palms to the location, where her paws should land.
This unique style allowed her to reel in her first gigs, dancing for the high society of Scamall, and sometimes Gemenskap, when the airship docked at the flying city. It was there, that she finally allowed her name to get completed, taking a surname after over 18 years of being nobody but 'Mica'. Maryan, Mica Maryan. A name, that would spread like wildfire opening the greedy kobold more and more doors to the richest of the world. Maryan would bring the hearts of many fans to pound for her and her alone. She became a true star of nightlife.

Old Habits Die Hard

Thief of the sky by Soulwing98

Mica remained Mica, even after adapting the charming and charismatic personality of Maryam. She got trained harshly since her very birth to think like a thief and act like one. Her thieving urges turned out to be a true issue, the more the rich people trusted her. And she didn't even really needed the money, because she earned enough with her dancing gigs.
What was once a necessity developed into a craving urge to treat to her roots. And she began stealing again. An impossible to grasp thief in Scamall, who stole small trinkets of huge worth without leaving footprints nor fingerprints. An unknown thief, that got dubbed by the news as 'The Magpie'. Only trace, the only constant to all these small crimes was the fact, that Mica performed in that district in the past two nights.
"Another signet ring for the Magpie. Will look good in my memory cellar. Sir Hedwar, you were company worth of a small rememberance.
Shiny urges sated, finally."

Mica, the Magpie

Vulpes' ragtag Family

"You are always welcome to dine with us, Mica. You deserve to have a place, where you can feel like you belong to a real family. Bors, Micor, Pencari and I enjoy your company."

In her time preparing the betrayal to bring Familia to a fall had Mica more than enough time to bond with the Field Commander of the army, having enjoyed their hidden tea meetings where they planned out their next moves. Vulpes was a natural finding of hidden spots in Old-Scamall, originally coming from the subterrain city.
They talked much about the caracal's strange patchwork family. About her love to her Human subordinate Field SergeantFinnery Borsello, how they complete each other. About how adorable she found Bors' adoptive son, the Frilled Lizard Micor Havenborn, and how much fun she would have playing with him. And later stories about their newest addition to the family, a Mantis named Pencari, yet another one, who was associated with her goddess Notitia.
When Mica finally returned from serving her sentence in Blackstone was she eager to meet her ally's family in the flesh. Her bonds with all four became so strong, that she viewed these oddballs at some point as her only true family. Yet was she never brave enough to actually ask if she can become a part of them, to have a place to call home.
When Micor got corrupted becoming a Taken helped Mica the family to get messages and small gifts to the banished lizard, keeping the family together as well as she was able to. And when Pencari and her Carbunclo girlfriend Kallist got tasked to assassinate Micor, was she the one, who attempted to bring the couple to not follow the commandment, to keep the lizard alive. Without much luck, however.
"And what if the orders come from far up? Who the fuck cares about what the Marshal orders? Micor is your brother, Pencari. ... Our brother.
Yes, I heard of the incidents. He is doing worse each and every day, he won't be able to keep himself under control for much longer. Please ... If you have to do this, be gentle. He didn't deserve any of this."
Art gallery of Mica (NSFW)

Mica presented by Soulwing98
Mica sitting by Soulwing98
Mica greeting by Soulwing98
Mica Stagebreak by Soulwing98

Cover image: by Vertixico
Character Portrait image: The Skydancer by Soulwing98


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