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General Field Marshal

"Wait, wait, wait! Marshal Ingratus leads the troops knocking at our borders?
We need to reinforce our defending troops immediately or we will simply be trampled over.
This imposing lizard is a merciless menace!
I had the doubtful honour to talk with him in past truce treaties. He is a monster with an immense presence, able to subdue each and everybody; friends and foes alike. Please!
Hear me out, elder counsel, this threat has to be dealt with with all our resources or we will lose.

I beg you, do something!
The marshal of Etherium means only the worst!"

Galador, emissary of Nemthi

Qualifications and Requirements

To get to be the earthly represent of the army of Peace the General in question must have shown a deep devotion by climbing through the spiritual ranks of the flaming zealots achieving the rank of Fury. Furthermore the General must have already shown great valor in battle able to sucessfully coordinate and lead a big army.
  By being on top of both, the spiritual and material department of the army, the General will get a personal appointment with the wargod Vigor, who is holding the honorific rank of Spiritual leader. He/she will get then harshly tested by Vigor personally to see if the person has the personality and abilities to represent his' divine will.

Notable Holders

Fizgerald Borsello, the "Radiant":

Fizgerald was the predecessor of the current holder leading Etherium from 4955 on into and through a long time of peace and order. Loved and respected by his allies and enemies alike Fizgerald grew to be the public face of attempting world peace. But his accomplishes began to crumble as his allies used their newfound advantages and the open borders to infiltrate Etherium trying to conquer the holy city of Scamall.
Fizgerald was, however, able to bring the situation again under control without all too major losses, but his pride was broken. He retired a year after that incident in 4977 leaving behind a situation where peace was once again unthinkable. Fizgerald passed away in 4990 and got buried in all honours as the "General of peace".
"Many can't understand why I gave this, lets just say hopelessly optimistic general, even the allowance to represent my cause in that time.
But the reason is really simple. Etherium was at that time essentially at war with every known country of Prius.
Our resources are able to hold two to three overlapping war treaties, but not that many at the same time.
We needed someone to equalize this net of hate and Marshal Borsello was the best man for this task."

Ingratus Fide, the "Strategist":
Ingratus took over the broken throne of the "radiant" in 4978 determined to revolutionize the army and that by advancing their forces with the state of the art equipment, exoskeletons, jetpacks, etc. Furthermore, he reinvented the role of the general field marshal to be way more supportive by creating a high technologized supportive network, where he can coordinate many armies at once. Marshal Ingratus has a reputation as an ingenious mind, as he was able to hold his own against notable enemy generals, like the dragon prince.
He even was able to unite the whole army and the citizens of Etherium under him to support his cause rendering Ingratus essentially to the most powerful individual only excluding his gods.
"One can not deny that marshal Ingratus has done some exeptional work to rebuild our glory.
We are once more respected and feared and were even able to expand our lands by annexing a part of Nemthi.
But why then am I disliking him so much?
Simple, he doesn't know his place anymore;
Ingratus tends to make important, even revolutionary changes in society without even thinking about consulting them with our acolytes.
And Nemthi!
Carrying out a blitzkrieg and subduing a whole country, without even giving them a chance to fight back?
There is nothing that I despise more than an imbalanced conflict. I never approved this annexion!"
Civic, Military, Commissioned
In effect
When the power of the Eternal Counsel rose, Vigor decided to give way for a mortal to lead the army envicting the first General Field Marshal in 1000 AD.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Blessing of the Eternal Counsel and approval of the people.
Length of Term
The rank is given for a lifetime and can only taken away by two sources: The holder decides to retire himself or the Eternal Counsel excommunicates the holder.
First Holder
Current Holders
Reports directly to
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