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Micor Havenborn

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Micor Havenborn


“Is that…an egg?
Wait father, come closer.
Do you feel the faint heat this lone egg is emitting?
The weak pulse-what the hell is a fertilized egg doing abandoned in a crate?
Help me dad, we need to get it somewhere warm or the little fella will die, pronto!“
Bors and Trostov finding (4977)

When Lieutenant Finnery ‚Bors‘ Borsello and his dad General Trostov Havenborn stumbled over an abandoned egg in the dungeons of Scamall‘s armistice citadel, neither of them was aware that this egg would change their life so dramatically. Failing to identify who has laid the slightly slimy Football egg, Bors was shocked at what would happen to the egg if nobody would adopt it now. Having heard the worst rumours of foster children hatching and growing up in a certain orphanage located in Old-Scamall and feeling responsible for saving the unborn‘s life, the young human decided to adopt the future lizard. It felt right and Bors felt the egg pulsating faster with his decision set; excited.
“I hope you know what you are doing, son.
This little one will be your responsibility.

That warm glare is answer enough.
I look forward meeting my future nephew.“
Trostov Havenborn (4977)

Bors did everything to keep the egg warm and guarded and when the hatching day arrived, a blue lizard with frills red as blood broke his little head through the shell claiming the hearts of Bors‘ entire family in one single swipe. Seeing how excited his grandson was, eyes shining in joy witnessing the wonder of life given to his son, General Field Marshal Fizgerald Borsello suggested in celebrating the birth of his great-grandson right before the peace summit to name him ‚Micor‘ after an ancient human tongue meaning ‚The sparking one‘.
A difficult time
The young Purist Micor was a blessing for the family coping with the events unfurling later the same year. The world peace summit, initiated by Marshal Fizgerald, went south after the leaders of the world tried to assassinate important members of Etherium abusing the trust provided by the Radiant betraying everything the army of Peace stood for. Suddenly the small lizard became the shining anchor keeping the family sane. Bors temporarily got set free from his obligations in the army by his father allowing the innocent baby to experience the needed care to grow in a balanced environment. Bors retreated with Micor to the summer domicile of his grandfather at the edge of Scamall, far away from the toxic politics devouring the Radiant and his second in command, general Trostov.
Micor got visited regularly by his new family, playing with various members every time they needed some joy in their life. But even the little bundle of happiness couldn’t prevent the mental downfall of the Radiant and the following depression laying its heavy curtain over the Borsellos.
“Bors, hear me out. Change Micor‘s surname to the mine.
The Borsellos are experiencing such bad press due to uncle’s failure…I don’t want little Micor to suffer from this name. Despite, you are half Havenborn as well, and my family’s heritage is unimportant enough to assure Mic a calm childhood.
We both want only the best for your child, do we?“
Trostov Havenborn (4978)

Holding the spirits up
Micor's childhood was riddled with dire fates happening to his family. He learned early on to care for others, be there for his family and friends.
Despite being a young and clumsy child, his sunny personality helped the Borsellos through dark times.
When his great-grandfather finally lost it growing mad and frantic laying down his title of being the military leader of Etherium, Micor desired to be at his side snuggling with the broken man cheering him up with innocent stories of memories Micor made with his dad.
In his presence did Fizgerald shed many tears, however not only tears of grief.
With Micor's support did Fizgerald eventually manage to recover in 4981 finally ready to return to the public, just to experience the next and final blow to his psyche.
When high-judge Bianca Borsello, Micor's grumpy grandmother, attempted to call out the final verdict against a group of captured slavers, a bomb placed by the Underground blew up the courtroom as well as Bianca.
Micor's beloved family was unable to hold itself together anymore and Trostov advised Bors and Micor to take some extensive space for themselves, leaving the general in charge to handle the death of his wife and the relapse of his uncle Fizgerald trying to shield Micor from experiencing even more grief and hopelessness.
To cope with the death of his mother, Bors decided to go on an extended hike with Micor travelling through the country of Etherium teaching the young lizard (4) the beauty of their nation converting his grief into even more love for his little one.
This life on the move went on for a couple of years and Micor learned much about nature and the people falling in love with the surface land located below the flying city of Scamall, which he never left before.
The frilled lizard (8) grew in these years into a handsome caring young man who made many friends across the whole country and further deepened his relationship with Bors.
Slowly reaching his youthful years, they decided to return to Scamall starting to work on Micor's dream to be at his father's side when he will return to his duties in the now reformed and rebuilt army under the newly instated Marshal Ingratus Fide.
Joining the Army
In the following years Micor studied with Bors' and Trostov's aid at the military school learning basics and getting taught about the current state of the world, what happened after his great-grandfathers world peace attempts failed. Micor experienced first-hand the propaganda, that got slowly injected into the minds of the young to learn to hate those, that betrayed Etherium. However, due to growing up with supporters of the Radiant, Micor was able to notice the thin layer of xenophobia, that got injected into their young malleable minds and actively rejected it double checking everything with his grandfather Trostov.
With the propaganda failing his classmates and teachers soon noticed how the lizard started to ask questions, that were not desired, getting bullied by the other pre-recruits on regular occasions.
No matter these incidents, Micor managed to ace the theory having gotten well taught by his military family. The issues however started to pile up, when Micor's practical examinations begun in 4989 (12).
Suffering from various minor birth defects due to his non-optimal hatching cycle his fairly weak legs as well as subpar balance rendered him not suitable for the career path he wished to follow. Getting rejected as a scout despite his accumulated knowledge of his and his father's camping trip, he instead chose to join the air force learning how to navigate and steer the infamous Behemoths.
Micor was quite gifted and fulfilled all tests and requirements to join the air force upon completion of his training, but his heart was not supporting these dreams, that were not Micor's own. He wanted to join the army to protect his dad and not to command a vessel of mass destruction far away from those he loved.
When he eventually was about to graduate his training reaching adulthood with 17 years, Micor got surprised by Bors and the latest addition to his family, his sister Pencari gifting him as a present for reaching adulthood the necessary augmentative operation to his lower body rendering Micor able to become a scout serving under his dad after all.
Micor went regardless to the ceremony to earn his graduation becoming part of the air force, however immediately requesting to undergo the final examination one more time to become a scout of the southern army instead.
Having the blessings of general Havenborn, Field sergeant Bors and Bors' superior and lover Field commander Aurelia Vulpes, the army endorsed the request giving Micor a single chance to prove he had it now in it with his new mechanical lower body.
"Regardless these unorthodox conditions, that led to this unscheduled reorientation exam.
If so many influential members of the army requested granting recruit Havenborn a second chance at becoming a scout of the army of peace, the generals and I, General Field Marshal Ingratus Fide approve of it.
And because of the quite impressive performance shown to us by Mr Havenborn, we decided to allow him to join the southern army led by Commander Vulpes.
He is all yours now, Commander."

General Field Marshal Ingratus Fide

The southern army
Serving in the army under his father and Commander Vulpes, who Micor called 'mum' in private since she and Bors started dating, proved to be more difficult than the young lizard had imagined. He found himself forgetting in the beginning on multiple occasions, that Commander Vulpes was not the relaxed nudist in public, but a sharp and caring leader, who swore to never let anybody die in her presence. With fear, he witnessed in the first month of scouting for his unit, how Vulpes took a grenade for the team blasting her body to bits. It was there, where Micor found out, that the nickname 'Zombiekitty' was not just any name: She literally nearly died a hundred times in her career, just to get rebuilt by Etherium's best surgeons regrowing her fur covering the cyber body without any scars. After this situation, Micor gave himself a side mission, to prevent mum from throwing away her health for non-lethal blows not meant for her.
In the 5 years of Micor serving the army of peace, Micor helped to prevent countless losses on the desert battlefield against Duvara and that without having to take a single life. His training with Pencari to become a capable martial arts fighter combined with an assortment of taser guns allowed Micor to follow his non-lethal mantra of taking prisoners for interrogation and hostage exchanges. Micor even got suggested becoming a teacher for the violent members of the army to render Etherium's army to once more follow the mantra of war god Vigor of a fair and clean war without unnecessary bloodshed; a mantra that got forgotten under Marshal Fide.
Everything went well, until the day, when Micor encountered a lone Dryad surprising him ruining his entire life in mere moments.
"Why are you restraining me with your roots, fiend?
And what is that about you wanting to gift me access to the Veil?
Are you even realizing what happens to Purists like me?
Unhand me at an instant!
Keep your animals under c- ahh! One of these blasted Speasels bit me!
What is happening now!? What is with this glow and this freezing sensation in my chest? This feels not right!
Help! Anybody?!
Dryad lady, help me! Don't stand around uselessly!
W-why are you whining?"
Videns failing to taint the blue lizard

At the 25.07.4998 Micor lost his soul's purity and got Taken by a malicious arcane spirit turning his life upside down ruining everything he built up in mere weeks. An incurable disease started spreading within his body laying itself on his emotions, his thoughts; his everything.
Why did the dryad do that? What was her goal? What was that about her mentioning serving an unknown god? Aetas? Like the moon Aetas?
But most importantly, why me? What did I do to deserve this!? I will die! No, worse. I will die alone, I will not be able to return to my family like this.
Unless...I don't report this accident. Me being a taken arcanist, this has never happened ever. Yes, like that I can return into the caring arms of Bors, of Pencari, of Kallist.

...I need help! Father! Sis! Anybody? I don't want to die, not like this. Anybody, wake me up!
I want this disgusting feeling to stop. Iron claws digging into my emotions preventing me from getting calm again.
Stop! I don't want this! Please, I...don't deserve this. Help...

Physical Description

Body Features

Refsheet Micor (outdated) by Soulwing
"Daddy, daddy!
When I grow up I wanna be just like you, a cyborg.
Your mech arms are so awesome earning so many looks!
What do I want to alter?
I wanna get rid of my clumsiness replacing my legs with shiny strong ones.
Then my classmates won't pick on me and my disgustingly weak legs ever again."
Micor's career wish as a preteen was to join his father's unit as a scout being able to watch after him and his friends when he had to follow Commander Vulpes' call to arms. He felt the pain of Bors after he lost half his face in a siege when his unit was failing to spot an enemy ambush and decided to work towards protecting the human he admired the most.
When he joined the Army of Peace a year later beginning his training, he aced every examination with ease failing only in everything, where his unusually weak legs held him back. His decision was complete when the army finally rejected him the wished career path of a scout due to that looming issue.
Until his 17th birthday, Micor instead had to gather experience training to be a pilot but he found no joy in it at all.

Wanting the best for his son, Bors and Micor's sister Pencari organized and gave him as his birthday present the operation necessary to provide him with the chance to follow his dreams fighting at his father's side.
A new and shiny lower body augmentation replacing everything below Micor's hips, including his tail.
The new lower half buffed out every issue Micor was having rendering him to fail the examination.

His new legs are equipped with superior balance, are faster and possess strong jumping power. They are extremely durable and able to move silently. Equipped with a strong battery a single charge will last for 24 hours before the augmentation throttles the functions to energy reserve disabling most functions rendering them into normal slow legs.

Special abilities

The life-changing event of Micor getting Taken by an aggressive Speasel not only kickstarted the start of his mental downfall fighting against the invasive spirit to keep his mind and soul intact, nut further allowed him to actually harness the abilities of a Sparkmage.
However, up until he got his hands on the pressure cannon power glove Micor was not reliably able to use the ability.
Mior never cared to learn how to snap his fingers before that day and was therefore extremely untalented executing this simple movement.
The power glove rose his rate of success from 5% all the way to 95%.
  List of spells


Micor is able to cast a weak electric spark anywhere in his vision cone. Think of the location, snap your fingers and the spark will appear at the thought-out place.
Instantaneous effect but as fast as it appears as fast it disappears again.

Especially effective when the air or surface is moist.


Behaves exactly the same as sparks are based on fire. Quite useful for igniting things like candles, dynamite or flammable gas.
Completely ineffective when the air is moist.

Spark of Control:

To fight against the spreading corruption of his arcane tormentor, Micor developed a way to utilize the sparks directing them blindly into his own or others bodies. Sparks cast within his own body don't require any hand motions but knowledge over his anatomy as well as where to set the sparks within his brain to gain the desired effect.
Micor uses this regularly to keep his temper under control sealing away every way of the invasor to further mess with his psyche. The Control spell is as useful as Micor's medical knowledge: He can trigger pheromones, numb pain receptors, start pouring out dopamine to cheer himself or others up and much more.

Used on other species these techniques require knowledge of the targets anatomy to minimize side effects.

Sparks of Pain:

Essentially the same as the last variation but this time quite harmful. Micor can use this to „curse“ others ever so slightly by triggering pain receptors, overloading certain production sources in the body causing nausea, giddiness or other minor or major disruptions to the victim.
The latter part is only rarely used by Micor as the side effects can be quite unpredictable and damaging.

The malevolent intruder used a variant of this spell when it first took control over Micor's actions channelling his anger to protect his sister from getting hurt igniting countless sparks inside the soldiers' heads overloading them and putting them into a temporary coma.

Apparel & Accessories

Micor does not care much about his clothes and possesses only a handful of outfits. When he decided to replace his lower body fully every instance of trousers and pants vanished out of his small collection as well, as they didn't serve anymore in granting his now cold and metallic body warmth. Until Pencari got promoted to the rank of a Levied Shadow gifting her brother her former coat as a remembrance of hers when she was away on missions, Micor owned a small selection of long vests and mantles. From that moment onwards he, however, started to wear this particular coat often until eventually wearing it each and every day only owning a spare mantle for the moment he was forced to give the coat away for cleaning.  
"If I possess anything else than this grey coat?
Why should I?
That way I always hold a piece of my sister close to me even when she is not around.
She found it adorable and what makes her blush makes me happy."


Date of Birth
Year of Birth
4977 AS 21 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Undesired offspring of
Marshal Ingratus Fide.
Egg got abandoned after laying.
He got adopted by Finnery Borsello and hatched in his loving presence.
Inner Sanctum of Scamall
Parents (Adopting)
Yellowish green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Shades of blue reaching from navy to cyan. Frills are blood-red.
5'09" / 1.55 m
88,18 lbs / 40 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Micor got raised in Etherium's national language but showed an early interest in learning his kin's language as well.
  • Etheric (native speaker)
  • Draconic (fluent)

Finnery Borsello

The main reason Micor is even alive and living a decent life.
Without his decision to adopt Micor, he would have ended up in a now-closed orphanage, which got busted a few years ago practising testing unstable medicine on the orphans.
Bors loves Micor more than anything else in the world. The lizard's mere presence makes the day of this proud papa. Micor and Bors can communicate without using any words at all, a glance is enough and the other knows what to do.
That silent communication saved their lives on multiple occasions on the battlefield.
Even when Micor got tainted by a malicious arcane animal and gotten turned into a Taken sorcerer, Bors didn't give up on him holding up contact to his son despite what malicious deeds the spirit forced him to commit.
"My love towards Micor is unconditional. I know him better than anybody else. He needs help coping with the deadly condition soothing his pain and not get hunted down and assassinated like a villain.
He had a reason to escape the Asylum, kam sure of it.

Despite, Marshal Fide...was it your sick idea to hire Pencari and Kallist, the girls he loved, to assassinate my dear boy.
You sick and twisted lizard.
You disgust me.
What did Micor ever did to you?"
Bors (4999)

Field Sergeant Bors by Soulwing98

Pencari Kencantikan

When Vulpes brought the rose Mantis over, to find her a home and people to introduce the first representant of a new species into society, Pencari got welcomed with open arms. The mantis wasn't expecting with Bors and Micor such friendly beings accepting her without being wary of her strange appearance.
Micor took it onto himself to introduce the shy insect into the world beyond her swamp and not soon after she saw in him a true friend defending her against the xenophobes being scared of her and buying her the sweets she craves so much. Despite her being already an adult at the time they first met and therefore Bors didn't adopt her officially, Micor and Pencari began referring to each other as brother and sister.
A terminology they wouldn't even abandon after their relationship grew deeper and more serious after their 'accident' (slightly NSFW) when friendship grew deeper into an open relationship nearly even beyond that.
The Carbunclo who stole Pencari's heart. While Micor was first envious of the gem lady, he soon realized that Kallist was not only interested in his sister, but him equally as well. And he was interested in her. Hanging out with the bisexual couple, the wish was present that all three eventually move in together under one roof living in a polyamory relationship.
A wish that was never meant to be, as fate forced the assassin couple to track their Taken boyfriend down exterminating the now ticking timebomb.
"Are you kidding me!?
What the hell?
No, I can't. I don't wanna!

The magehunters receiving contract to assassinate the escaping Taken Micor

The Magehunters by Soulwing98

Aurelia Vulpes

Commander Vulpes, feline superior of Micor and Bors, was a long-term friend of the family. Eventually, Bors made the first step after decades of working together and asked the Caracal out, what she gladly accepted. Vulpes was very determined to become friends with the siblings, who were surprised by her private unmasked self.
The prideful guardian angel of the army living out her relaxed nudist lifestyle whenever visiting Bors secluded domicile.
Her bare appearance and personality proved to be quite challenging for the two, but they grew to like Bors' girlfriend so much, that both began calling Vulpes 'mom' when they were alone.
Field Commander Aurelia Vulpes by Soulwing98

Trostov Havenborn

Micor sees in this gentle half-elf a mentor, friend and loving grandfather. It was Trostov, who taught him all the things Bors couldn't. It was his doing, that Micor grew into the charming and kind soul he developed into. Furthermore, Micor found joy in training the art of high-class flirting with his gramps, Trostov gave the witty tongue of Micor the necessary spin to render many, many people butter in his scaled hands melting under a barrage of well placed and hidden compliments. A talent, that gave him later the title of "Philanderer" being infamous in Scamall able to seduce every being with a female heart and soul.
Wearing the surname of Trostov instead of his father, Micor held this name with pride; the name of his benefactor rendering him able to fight alongside Bors instead for himself.
"He is a Havenborn, by Vigor!
If Micor says he will bring back my son alive, he definitely will!
Trostov's trust

Birth defects

From Micor's earliest childhood, Micor suffered from a slow muscle build-up in his legs, and weak bones in his pelvis/legs in general. Furthermore, he had huge issues with his balance preventing Micor from running and climbing until he finally matured with 17 replacing his legs, tail and pelvis with augmentations deleting the defects finally out of his system.

The Asylum

Micor getting Taken by the Veil was the end of an era for Micor. After failing to control his spiritual intruder, letting it taint his emotions briefly disabling Micor's moral compass, the lizard nearly killed two fellow Soldiers with a barrage of harmful sparks igniting their brains. These unlucky men were able to spot the signatures of being a Taken in Micor's eyes and decided to take Pencari hostage threatening to hurt her if he doesn't confess to them being a Taken. This boldness ticked Micor off allowing the harmful arcane spirit to utilised the flooding canals to enhance the lizard's aggression to be willing to kill. But Micor regained control before it was too late 'only' putting both soldiers into a temporary coma.
However, regardless of the outcome, Micor not only tried to hide his irreversible condition slowly rendering him more and more unstable and volatile, no he actually harmed others with his newfound abilities proving to the court his danger. The verdict was imprisonment in the Blackstone Prison, more concretely into the Asylum, where holy experiments got exerted on Taken criminals in the quest to find a cure for the incurable.
Micor got blindfolded and transferred instantaneously, without even being able to say goodbye to his loved ones...
But his faith in the Eternal Counsel was strong, he was positive that the verdict was rightful and he would soon return, as he got sent into the building curated by the demigod of Life of all people. He would be healthy and stable again soon. In one or another way...

The Asylum holds his fate.

Cover image: by Vertixico
Character Portrait image: Micor Havenborn by Soulwing98


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