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Aurelia Vulpes

Selfless Commander

Field commander Aurelia Vesper Vulpes (a.k.a. "Guardian angel of the south")

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

There is nothing Vulpes is or better was, more proud of than of her physical capabilities.
She always stood out with her endurance, speed, jump force; well everything to be frank. Aurelia was top of the class in every discipline the military academy asked of her.
But her health gradually worsened after her promotion to that of a field commander.
Vulpes newfound determination in leading her troops without any casualties rendered her ignoring her own well-being by acting as a decoy, taking unnecessary hits to protect others; willingly heading directly into danger to assure the mission's success. If not for her second in command Field Sergeant Finnery Borsello , she would have already bitten the dust long ago.
This reckless behaviour leads her often directly into intensive care stations, where she then gets pieced back together afterwards. Nearly all of her inner organs and muscles got replaced by artificial or mechanical counterparts over the course of the last few years gradually worsening her physical condition.
Vulpes calls herself often jokingly a cyborg with furred skin.
"I am essentially a walking patchwork job crafted by the most ingenious medical minds of Etherium.
Sometimes even I ask myself: Why are you still able to live and fight? You were countless times on the verge of death but you returned once again.

Then it struck me: As long as I am still determined to carry out the will of the Eternals, as long as I didn't succeed in marking my name forever into Etherium's divine history; I have still a contract left to fulfil.

Making my gods proud!
Aurelia Vesper Vulpes

Body Features

Aurelia Vulpes is your typical boring Caracal: No unusual fur coloring, slightly above average height for a female feline.
Aurelia is however quite musculus, as she was training already her entire life, encouraged by her parents to become the first-ever Vulpes to go the military way as her family, besides her, found their calling in politics.

Vulpes body is completely scarless, as her many lifesavers carefully restored her outer shell to stay as inspirational as in the first day.
Field Commander Aurelia Vulpes by Soulwing98

Facial Features

The only scarring she always rejected to fix was the electrical cataract caused by non-other than her second in command Bors on their first mission together.
A miscalculated attack caused one of Bors' lightning bolts to be redirected by an electromancer towards Vulpes. She got away mostly unharmed, only her left eye got hurt to the point where she got blinded on that eye. Vulpes later got that eye replaced by a functioning mechanical counterpart but she insisted on keeping the damaged lens cosmetically on the new eye as a reminder for her to observe the situation more carefully from now on.
That time only she got hurt, but next time one of her men could be the one getting the short end.

Apparel & Accessories

Vulpes usual combat gear consists out of a skintight, highly protective, suit in the usual colouring of the army. To enhance her physical abilities she also wears a customized Exo-skeleton to strengthen her arms and torso on long trips.
Vulpes neglects any leg enhancements as the natural jumping ability of a Caracal is far superior to what the armour is providing. She, however, swears to the usefulness of her lightweight jetpack allowing her to further enhance her aerial mobility.
Vulpes is always carrying at least three weapons with her: Two lightweight pistols as well as one gun with more raw firepower, model depending on the situation.
Be it a sniper rifle, grenade launcher or a wrist-mounted flamethrower: Vulpes will use the gun to her advantage.

Regarding handguns Vulpes has clear favourites: The 49XX-Mk7 plasma pistol is a staple in her equipment as well as the 50XX-Icetime experimental cryogun. The latter is especially useful against sorcerers of any kind.

Specialized Equipment

Vulpes is specialized in the perfect usage of every weapon that can be carried by one person. Be it sniper rifles, cryoguns, railguns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, magnetic rifles, even the more rarely seen weapons; she has at least the knowledge to use the weapon, maintain it and hit a target in the size of a small bug.
But no matter how powerful the gun, Vulpes easily prefers handguns of all kinds; most noteworthy her trusty 50XX-Icetime cryogenic gun. Vulpes calls herself proudly a gun maniac and collector of exotic weaponry.

Mental characteristics


Aurelia Vulpes graduated with excellent results in the military academy of Scamall.
  She is only fluent in Etherium‘s main language but understands the most common languages spoken in the army to a certain degree as well.
Vulpes got trained by various weapon specialists rendering her able to use and maintain every weapon, be it light or heavy weaponry, of the 49XX series.
She has been trained as well in various hand to hand martial art combat styles developed especially to counter sorcerers.
Very limited knowledge about the history of countries other than Etherium and Duvara.


The whole southern army of Etherium is under the commandment of field commander Aurelia Vulpes. She worked herself up in the ranks of the south by being a valuable soldier in the various turmoils against Duvara‘s troops and her outstanding abilities to inspire and lead the troops.
After „Project Pencari“ 3 years prior concluded successfully, she got promoted into the rank of the southern field commander through a recommendation of Notitia herself.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Only commander in Etherium's history with a total casualty count in the single digits.
  • Successfully lead a siege against Lixor while being hopelessly outnumbered.
  • Was one of only three citizens in the whole of Etherium to be considered worthy to ascend into godhood.
  • In possession of the most complete weapon collection, gathered by a single person, in the whole of Prius.

Mental Trauma

„Project Pencari“ showed Aurelia a glimpse of the unknown ways of her gods, rendering her questioning her provenance and her given path in the world. Consequences of her countless hours researching the origin of her kind and the possibility to be an artificially bred species like the Insectoids and not finding any clues were, that Vulpes was placing the well-being of her person from now on behind everybody else, rendering her prone to throw away her health and life in favour of her troops and her gods.
„I’m just glad that you all made it through this siege and we have not one itty bitty casualty to cry for. Everything goes according to the divine plans.“

Vulpes last words after the siege on Lixor before passing out due to severe blood loss

Morality & Philosophy

„Give me a couple of guns and I am happy.
Give me a reason to use these guns on the enemy and I am overly happy.
Provide me with someone or something to protect and care for and I am beyond extatic.
I am living for my people and I will die for my people!“

Aurelia Vesper Vulpes


Religious Views

Vulpes is a loyal Follower of the „Flaming zealots“, a sub-grouping of the „Followers of Strife“, who are especially worshipping the god of War Vigor.
She is living for the eternal counsel and is devoting her all to honour them in war and peace.
"It is rare to meet a devotee, who is carrying out your religion with such a voluptuously dedication that she herself already took form as the living symbol of your very cause.
Commander Vulpes is truly an idol for all my followers and that's why I suggest her to be considered ascending into our eternal ranks.
My vote in this ascencion trial goes to Aurelia Vesper Vulpes!"
Vigor, god of War

Hobbies & Pets

Collecting weapons:
Vulpes has a fascination for weapons of all kinds, no matter if melee or ranged.
A majority of her wealth she spends on acquiring new weapons or buying oddities and antiquities. Her home is packed to the brim with exotic weaponry, every wall is plastered with blades, guns and staffs.
A wall dedicated to her own weapons, in use and disused.
Another full of trophies taken from Duvara‘s troops: Gunstaffs, magic channelers and enchanted blades to only name a few.


Aurelia Vulpes

superior / girlfriend (Vital)

Towards Finnery Borsello



Finnery Borsello

2nd in command / boyfriend (Vital)

Towards Aurelia Vulpes




If not for the other both wouldn't be alive and kicking anymore. They are a unit, completing each other in their strengths and weaknesses, forming together an unstoppable force cleaving through Duvara's troops. It all started with Vulpes, at that time still a field sergeant herself, finding herself in a precarious situation with only a freshman on her side. This freshman was Bors. It was that only Vulpes' tactical finesse combined with Borsello's brute force allowed them to escape their early death. In Vulpes eyes, Borsello proved himself at the moment where he singlehandedly delayed a group of Duvara's metal benders allowing Vulpes to retreat to a higher position taking out their pursuer with a few carefully placed shots. If not for the presence of each other both would have died before the end of that day. They managed afterwards to land in the same squad making themselves a name as the unstoppable duo. After "project Pencari" concluded, Bors, now a field sergeant himself, noticed a shift in his friend's mentality. Concerned about her he used his new position as second in command under Vulpes to protect her to the best of his abilities but she gradually grew far too self-endangering for even Bors to handle. Every life-threatening situation Vulpes now got into cut deeply into Bors' mood, as he saw himself unable to protect his commander, no his best friend.

Nicknames & Petnames

Vulpes: "Shotgun kitty", "Bossy", "Goldy"

Bors: "Overcharged hothead", "metal dork", "Finny"

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Micor and Pencari , Bors' adoptive children. Vulpes grew a liking to those unusal siblings and visited them regularly after "project Pencari" concluded.

Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
4963 AS 35 Years old
Finnery Borsello (2nd in command / boyfriend)
Blue eyes
Sand brown fur with white spots
5‘88“ or 177 cm
31.5 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"And what if I am bleeding out? You all made it through unharmed and the mission was sucessful.
What is a little bloodloss compared to the overwhelming positive results? Right! Neglectable!"
"Give me a random gun of your choice. I assure you I will be able to use it flawlessly. No exeption!"
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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