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A world beyond fantasy. Creatures of myth and more live amongst one another, many equipped for interpersonal relations as you or I. A drake and her sisters may own a hostel, admitting Dreulbe wanderers for their pilgrimage. All the while a group of humi children play on a dusty street corner with their parents selling ghrepul jerky close by. Another humi shouts from a rooftop, their voice loud enough to be heard half the city away away, news about a rogue gorgon killing dozens of innocents.

Joy, sound, fire, and else are malleable. Anyone, man or beast, are able to manipulate the foundations of existence. Stones that grant telekinesis, or translating what is said to another language are common items used by both the populace and the elite. Cities, nations, and continents are in conflict and diplomacy, shifts of power constantly switching hands. A counsel of humi may control a territory one day then lose it the next in tribute, civil war, or to an aggressive force.

Land held high in the sky, silver trees with golden leaves, lords and leaders waged in endless conflict and diplomacy, and professional oracles are only some of the diversely strange things to find in the world of Kald.

Life tells of the living, soul of how life is lived, & substance of life's experience.

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