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Vazzaroth | Member Since 22 Jul, 2018
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I played a ton of D&D in high school, 3.5. Played a bit of 4th, fell out of RPGs for around 8 years, and now picked up 5th. While I enjoy 5th edition as a great edition of D&D, it still falls into many of the pitfalls that have been inherent to the system since at least 3.0. Slow character progression, a focus on combat and spells, boring martial characters, and a lot of heroism.   In my search for a more interesting system, I found Cypher and fell in love. So, I'm here designing whatever idea currently has my head working for use in Cypher. For the foreseeable future, my focus is on my Nausicaa insipired campaign setting, Exo World.

Favorite Movies

Nausicaa, obviously.

Favorite TV Series

Game of Thrones, Anime: Last Exile, Ancient Magus Bride, One-punch Man, Samurai Champloo, Little Witch Academia

Favorite Books

Game of Thrones (ASOIF), Young Merlin by T.A. Baron, reading role-playing books for pure entertainment with no intention to use the info.

Favorite Games

Valkyria Chronicles series, Monster Hunter

Latest Loved work

Pygmy Griffon

Murasaki Moths as Pets