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Time Fodder

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Hi, my name is [RETRACTED]. I'm no writter or anything along those lines, but I often find myself creating fantasy like things out of boredom. I tend to have a childlike mind and influenced a lot by fantasy and isekai stories. As someone who is an introvert and has part of his family as Japanese, you can guess that I enjoy anime (hurray for fitting in stereotypes!).

Interests & Hobbies

Drawing (Don't expect anything good).

Favorite Movies

How to Train Your Dragon, Hook, Men in Black, Doctor Strange, Speed Racer. I have seen less movies after becoming a teenager, thanks YouTube.

Favorite TV Series

Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Red vs Blue, Gravity Falls, Mobile Suit Gundam, Log Horizon, I could go on.

Favorite Books

I don't really read books. Web novels however, I enjoy a lot. Sometimes even more that TV series.

Favorite Writers

See favourite books for why I don't have any. I don't tend to remember names (especially celebraties) unless they stand out to me.

Favorite Games

Dragon Quest, Minecraft (Mostly Modded), Terraria, XCOM: Enemy Within, World of Tanks, War Thunder.

Latest Loved work