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Giving's Day

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Giving's Day is a holiday that takes place in more rural areas, where item and food 'sacrifices' are made to 'appease' the colossi or to thank them for not destroying the whole town yet. It is a tradition that no one really remembers the origin of.   Colossi Week is the week the holiday falls within. It is a week of partying, giving up bad habits, giving gifts, and being thankful that you're not dead yet.   The holiday is all about celebrating the fact that you, and hopefully the ones you love, have survived the year. It is often also a mass memorial for all those who were lost to Colossi that year.


It's unclear exactly how and why the holiday came to be; but, as long as anyone can remember, rural locations on both planets seem to celebrate it in similar ways.   Giving's Day has recently become popular in The Source, though there it has lost most of its original meaning, and has become a day of giving gifts to people you have a romantic interest in in hopes of getting their attention.
Though, for Cybers, you give to the Source itself, to thank it for existing.  
Every few years, some wild-eyed havocbreaker or other, who has clearly spent far too long in the jungle, will run around insisting the day was started as a - get this now - as a literal sacrifice of Vie! Ovie and Vivie alike, tossed to the colossi for having 'wrong colored' blood! Whatever that means.   These people are, quite rightly, ignored and asked to have a cup of tea and a rest. But you can imagine the havoc it causes the good people simply going about their day.


Throughout the week, people tend to collect up food and item offerings in the middle of town. Usually, things that are red or blue will be considered a more apt 'sacrifice'.   At the end of the week, people of the town go collect items that they didn't place down as a gift for themselves.
There are often rules in place on how many items you may take. In larger locations, you may take only one item, and all that is left will be set out in the wilderness, along with any leftover food.
In smaller towns, people can better keep track of who has done what, and so people may be allowed to take as many items as they had placed down. Though, in these smaller areas, it's more common that none of it will be recovered and that all will go to the wilderness. The exchange of personalized gifts often follows for these locations.   In more fortified locations, sacrificing baubles and trinkets will suffice - but, in smaller villages, they take that as a sign of disrespect. In these villages, it's a matter of what you are willing to give up so that those you love will be spared in the following year. These sorts of places are usually also the ones where no sacrifices are given out as gifts, and are instead all placed in the wilderness to 'draw away' the colossi.

Components and tools

Items and foods of red or blue.


This holiday is widely celebrated on the 36th day of Voidi.   It predominantly takes place in small towns and villages, few that there are. The largest town that practices Giving's Day is Daum.
Colossizh (Colossi Week)
Boiaruva (Giving's Day)
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