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You'd not guess them folk were fightin' rebels not so long back. Kicked 'em out, got on wi' their lives. Very functional, that.
— old merchant
  The city of Geueil is the largest city and pseudo-capital of Ennian, a region in the south-west of the Aletheian Empire that claims to be one of the most populous regions in the Empire. It stakes out its claim as the heart of Aletheian industry, being responsible for much of the machinery and mass-production of the empire thanks to the dedicated manufacturing guilds that have sprung up within it and its position at the centre of a number of supply chain trade routes.   It has a long history of industry and change, being the kickoff point for a number of smaller wars, revolts, and revolutions throughout the years, and its crime rate is one of the highest in the country due to the stressors placed on its population. The Dibann were responsible for the most recent uprising in 5605, having smuggled bladed constructs into the cave network running beneath the Mages Guild's ritual halls and sieging the city until Aletheian military reinforcements could teleport into the nearby town of Helbryn.   The city is also notable for its impact on research sciences and transportation technology, and as the birthplace of Aletheia's third-oldest mundane university.


Geueil is mostly made up of humans, with large dwarven and halfling presences. Half-orcs are not uncommon, either, with even regular orcs enjoying the city's focus on industry.


Whilst it is part of the Aletheian Empire and therefore reports to Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia, the general administration of Ennian is handled by Duke Cydifor of Ennian. He appointed Mabilia Velinith as mayor after holding an election for the cityfolk to submit recommendations; the foray into democracy was well-received, and Mayor Mabilia runs a tight ship.


The inner city is surrounded by thick stone walls that join to guard towers and the Stoneward Barracks, where the town's guard live. Geueil, due to its importance to the Empire and crime rate, has one of the largest platoons of guards across the Empire, even in times of war. Because of this, the Stoneward Barracks stretch underground into a labyrinthine tunnel system that allow for the guard to quickly reach areas of concern without impeding aboveground traffic.   These also connect to Geueil's prison: Gwehilion Prison cuts a sharp figure on the horizon as a tall guard tower more fortified than most, with all the cells and treatment areas lying underground. A project to augment the prison with artificial windows is currently underway thanks to the work of the Mages Guild.


Geueil is the home for much industrial development. It features a full airship dock and maintenance area, where a number of the nation's more significant ships are built and where advances in the field of aircraft are constantly made. Prototypes for the Suspended Breath were constructed there, and the final construction team was contracted out to the military from Geueil. Geueil Central Station sits at the heart of the city's open market and tourism district, serving as a hub for travellers from other areas of Aletheia that have been connected to the in-progress Aletheian Railway Service.   The River Edre runs through the city, powering countless watermills and other machines - and specifically not connecting to the sewer system, which was disconnected from the river in the 4500s. It flows into the sea towards the western side of Geueil, where the seabound shipyard lies - naturally guiding the city's west into being the more heavily industrial area. Residential areas stay on the east, avoiding the bulk of the noise and fumes.

Guilds and Factions

Small town drama has nothing on guild drama, whew. Ever seen an entire merchant guild turn on someone for the wrong size of provided piping? Yikes!
— local gossip
  Geueil is known as the headquarters of multiple mercantile and manufacturing guilds, all of whom compete quite violently for contracts across the Empire. Carieach & Llwyfan Appraisals Inc sits as one of the foremost factions in the city alongside Gruffydd & Sons, the leading corporate law firm - though if you asked their rivals, including Keirhyll & Glanwen, they might say that Gruffydd & Sons are corrupt and in the pockets of the exceedingly rich Central Ennian Trading Company.   The guild rivalries in Geueil often turn physical in the streets, requiring the guard to stay vigilant - it's all too easy to disguise a murder as a simple industrial accident, as has happened many times on the streets of Geueil.

Natural Resources

The region of Ennian is the sole source of Dilychwin Iron, and Geueil is surrounded by towns that focus on mining the stuff. It also has easy access to nearby woods, as well as quarries and mines for less special ores and stones. The only thing Geueil lacks for itself is farmland - the city relies on its network of nearby towns and trading connections to provide it with enough food to function. The addition of airships and trains to its collection of transportation has made this particular challenge one far more surmountable than before.
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the City of Busy Hands
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