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Episode 65

General Summary

  • After defeating Matan'sa the Guardians leave the Discworld inside the Spiritbreaker chakram and return to the Winter Council's meeting room in Thorn's End.
  • Malindil told the Guardians that she would return to Iadara with them and speak to Queen Telandia Edasseril on the Council's behalf. She knew it would not go well, but she hoped that Queen Telandia would be willing to listen to her. Malindil had information that the Queen would benefit from. Arlindil and Perelir would remain in Thorn's end, along with Armistril and the nine remaining guards. Malindil hoped that Queen Telandia would be willing to send reinforcements to Thorn's End and perhaps help to reclaim Tanglebriar from Treerazer and the demons.
  • Rylvir arrived at Thorn's End and retrieved the Guardians on the Queen's request. When they arrive at the palace, they were met by Queen Telandia, along with her honor guard. Kwava and Fjord had been brought to Iadara by the queen to serve as character witnesses for the Guardians, even though she was already convinced of their intentions.
  • Malindil was arrested on the charge of Treason and was led away to be “questioned” later.
  • Queen Telandia apologized about the subterfuge. She knew the Winter Council had powerful nobles under their control but did not know who she could trust. Since the fall of the Council, nearly two dozen powerful nobles once allied with the Winter Council had either left Kyonin to flee into exile or had confessed their new loyalty to the queen. Lord Villastir was counted among the missing. Had the queen gone public with her plans for the Guardians, these nobles would certainly have risen up against her to create a political firestorm. With the support of the Winter Council, they would have easily been able to disrupt the plans or at least delay them long enough that it wouldn’t matter.
  • Elven astronomers had discovered a new star in the sky, slowly crossing the horizon. Lasdolon had created the earthfall runes. They were located in the Land of Black Blood. However, to do the destruction Lasdolon proposed would take multiple runes - one master glyph, and several focus glyphs to both power and protect the master glyph. The Guardians would have to disable the focus glyphs, leaving the master glyph vulnerable.
  • Queen Telandia had a map given to her by an elven Pathfinder. This Pathfinder had mapped the Land of Black Blood, and the maps were accurate. An earthen genie named Haiten Bhaq located in the Shrine of Bound Earth was instrumental in providing information. The Queen suggested heading there. Hopefully, the genie would have information regarding the focus glyphs that the Guardians could disable, leaving the master glyph vulnerable.
  • Lasdolon's journal also mentioned a drow attack on Celwynvian during the earthfall activation. It would be a distraction, more destruction rather than conquest. It was decided that Chakos would accompany the Guardians into the Land of Black Blood, while Kwava and Fjord returned to Crying Leaf to defend it against the Drow.

Rewards Granted


  361,399 + 13,300 = 374,699 XP!
Second Darkness
Telith Nordhof
Sir Godric
Rooker Shango
Report Date
25 Jun 2020
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