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Second Darkness

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Golarion
April 8, 2019 October 4, 20202 | Full
A strange shadow lurks in the sky above the city of Riddleport, and the doomsayers take it as a sign of the approaching end of the world.   The thing is—they’re right. But the source of the menace facing Golarion comes not from the skies above, but the Darklands below. The Second Darkness Adventure Path takes heroes on a sweeping quest that begins in a star-struck city, weaves through ancient elven ruins, and unmasks the terrible secret of the subterranean dark elves!

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23rd Sep 2020


What does the future hold for the Guardians of Golarion?

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30th Aug 2020

Episode 72

The Guardians enter the Throne of Tharzduun and face Lasdolon to stop the Second Darkness!

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17th Aug 2020

Episode 71

The Guardians must travel to the Bloodforge and face the glyph of defense.

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10th Aug 2020

Episode 70

The Guardians tackle the Glyph of Watching within the Rotstone Hollows.

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25th Jul 2020

Episode 69

The Guardians try to crack their abyssal egg and prepare to face the next focus glyph.

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19th Jul 2020

Episode 68

The Guardians of Golarion confront their first focus glyph.

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11th Jul 2020

Episode 67

The Guardians look for clues.

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7th Jul 2020

Episode 66

The Guardians of Golarion travel to the Land of Black Blood to stop Lasdolon once and for all!

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24th Jun 2020

Episode 65

The Guardians return to Iadara to speak with the Queen.

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22nd Jun 2020

Episode 64 - The Dark Apprentice

The Guardians face off against Lasdolon's enforcer, Matan'sa.

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12th Jun 2020

Episode 63 - Winter is Coming

The Guardians come face to face with the Winter Council.

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7th Jun 2020

Episode 62 - At the End of the Road of Thorns

The Guardians made their way to Thorn's End, the secret base of the Winter Council.

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28th May 2020

Episode 61 - The Gateway Getaway

Using the aiudara gateways and aided by their new ally Quilindra, the Guardians of Golarion flee their prison and close in on the Winter Council.

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24th May 2020

Episode 60 - Paradise Lost

After a recent attack by the Winter Council, the Guardians of Golarion regroup and recover.

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15th May 2020

Episode 59 - Shaking Things Up

The Guardians spread the message of doom around the elven city of Iadara.

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12th May 2020

Episode 58 - Dire Warnings

The Guardians must travel to Kyonin and warn Queen Telandia that her kingdom, as well as Golarion, are at risk of being destroyed.

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2nd May 2020

Episode 57 - The Warlock's Crypt

The Guardians of Golarion deal with two liches... and that's the least of their problems. Part 1 & 2!

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18th Apr 2020

Episode 56

The Guardians continue their journey through the Warlock's Crypt, hoping to retrieve the final dragon shard of Zalatas before Lasdolon does.

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12th Apr 2020

Episode 55

The Guardians of Golarion visit the Great Archive in Minas Amer.

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4th Apr 2020

Episode 54

It's time for the Guardians to read the signs...

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20th Mar 2020

Episode 53

The Guardians go to Hell.

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7th Mar 2020

Episode 52

The Guardians of Golarion hope to leave the Temple of Tharzduun. But to do so, they must first face Zalatas and Lasdolon.

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23rd Feb 2020

Episode 51 - Uneasy Allies

The Guardians continue to investigate the Temple of Tharzduun.

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24th Jan 2020

Episode 50 - In the Temple of Madness

The Guardians of Golarion navigate the temple of Tharzduun.

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27th Dec 2019

Episode 49 - Legends and Lies

The Guardians must discover a demonic connection between Arcaan and his cursed gauntlets before he is locked away forever.

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29th Nov 2019

Episode 48

The Guardians have to deal with the nightmare past of one of their own.

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16th Nov 2019

Episode 47

The Guardians deal with a dead body and face a Dragon's Den.

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25th Oct 2019

Episode 46 - Research and Developments

The Guardians search for answers.

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19th Oct 2019

Episode 45 - A Friend in Need

The Guardians ask some tough questions, receive some tragic news, and learn some lessons in contract negotiations.

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11th Oct 2019

Episode 44 - Welcome to Armageddon Part Two

The Guardians of Golarion face off against a member of the Twilight Council, Nolveniss.

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21st Sep 2019

Episode 43 - Welcome to Armageddon Part One

The Guardians face off against an undead army, before heading to the Armageddon Echo.

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29th Aug 2019

Episode 42 - Fireflies

The Guardians deal with the fallout of their actions.

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19th Aug 2019

Episode 41

The Guardians prepare for the return of the King.

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5th Aug 2019

Episode 40

The Guardians of Golarion are entombed in the hill giants cave while a band of harpies waits outside for them to make their move.

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24th Jul 2019

Episode 39

On the trail of Mistress Serdrissa Nolarethi, the Guardians must find the former member of the Twilight Empire before Nolveniss can make his next move. Or before the Twilight Empire can find her and silence the traitor once and for all.

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12th Jul 2019

Episode 38

The Guardians return from the Academy with the dead, the petrified, and the wounded.

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29th Jun 2019

Episode 37

Having defeated the aboleth, the Guardians consider the warning their ally Fjord shouted from beyond a set of double doors, cautioning them against entering the room. Also worth considering was the thunderous voice that silenced Fjord.

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23rd Jun 2019

Episode 36

The Guardians continue their search in the Academy of Arts, hoping to find members of the other infiltration team... alive.

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10th Jun 2019

Episode 35

The Guardians look to advance into the Academy of Arts, hoping to confront the drow leadership and stop the war. However, other forces have their own agendas.

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31st May 2019

Episode 34

The Guardians of Golarion recover at Maly's Wonderous Vault, recovering from battle as well as a 9-year-old's birthday party.

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17th May 2019

Episode 33

The Guardians bring the fallen back to the elven staging ground, only to find that the tides of war have turned against them.

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5th May 2019

Episode 32

Deep within the lair of Myrkara, the dangers are much more terrible than just a dragon.

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19th Apr 2019

Episode 31

Within the lair of the dragon Myrkara, the Guardians face the mechanical protector of the hoard.

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7th Apr 2019

Episode 30

The Guardians must deal with the loss of one of their own.

20th Mar 2019

Episode 29

Running low on health and magic, the Guardians prepare to enter the drow's alchemical weapon factory.

9th Mar 2019

Episode 28

With only one apparent room left to investigate, the Guardians of Golarion prepare to confront the remaining forces with the Library of Dust.

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2nd Mar 2019

Episode 27

Having eliminated the snipers atop the roof of the Library of Reenai, the Guardians of Golarion - along with their half-elf, half-orc ally Fjord - prepared to enter the building itself. Securing the library would bring the elves one step closer to reclaiming their ancient capital city!

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13th Feb 2019

Episode 26

With a war raging between the elves of Crying Leaf and the drow hiding within the ruins of Celwynvian, the Guardians find themselves going head to head against the denizens of the Darkland. But not everyone seems to be pleased with their involvement in elven business...

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2nd Feb 2019

Episode 25

The Guardians of Golarion face off against three Forest Drakes deep within the Mierani Forest.

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