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Lantern Bearers

The Lantern Bearers (Elven: Shin'Rakorath) are an elven organization that describes its aim as "to be a light against the coming darkness". Their chief concerns are redeeming the drow and opposing demonic forces.

Public Agenda

When the elves returned to Golarion from the realm of Sovyrian millennia after Earthfall, they found a world overrun with darkness and evil. However, the worst evil the elves discovered was what had become of their elven kin who remained behind in the Darklands in the wake of Earthfall. Corrupted by both demons and the strange energies within the bowels of Golarion, these elves were transformed into what are now known as the drow.   In response to these wicked threats, the returned elves founded the Lantern Bearers. Members of this secretive organization state that their goal is “to be a light against the coming darkness.” In plainer terms, they seek to contain and eliminate the drow, and especially to conceal the shameful truth behind the birth of their corrupt relations.


The Lantern Bearers were founded after elves returned to Golarion from their refuge in Sovyrian in 2632 AR.

To be a light against the coming darkness.

Founding Date
2632 AR
Alternative Names
Lantern Bearers
Controlled Territories
Notable Members