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Episode 33 - New Faces and Birthday Wishes

General Summary

On the way back to camp, the Guardians of Golarion were ambushed by a masked man brandishing two abyssal-charged firearms, and (8) Ashblood Grunts.   During the fight, Kuuro interjects her presence. The orcs were burned down in short order, but the masked man proved to be more challenging. Attacking while invisible, dominating the wills of both Sir Godric and Buck the masked man got his hands on the Helm of Suffering and then fled.   The Guardians returned to the staging camp. They presented the saddle and sword to Eviana , who is almost moved to tears at the sight of her uncle’s items. But Eviana was not alone. Shevala Iorae and the wizard Pais had come to the camp to warn Shen Stroheim that he may have been walking into a trap.   Buck presented Shen's near-headless corpse and offered his condolences.   Shevala had come to warn Shen that Barretto was found dead and his body mutilated, his face removed. It was unclear how long he had been dead, but it was well over a week. Judging by the lack of blood and smell, he had been killed elsewhere and his body was returned to the Grand Lodge in Absalom. He had been killed by a drow wizard, one that had tortured him before and was able to escape. The removal of Barretto’s face was most likely used as a disguise for some spell. Barretto, or who Shen thought was Barretto, could have been leading them into a trap.   Eviana stated that Kaerishiel and Fjord had not returned from their mission yet. They were supposed to return by sundown last night but there has been no sign. The Guardians admit that they found what appeared to have been the site of an ambush, and after discovering Kaerishel's dagger they believed he had been dragged away. Kuuro admitted to having found the same site and had followed the tracks. She told Eviana where the path had led. Eviana took the saddle, summoned the spectral griffin known to her ancestors as Cloudclaw, and flew to the site for reconnaissance.   Shevala offered, with Pais, to teleport the party back to Riddleport so they could sell their wares at Maly's Wondrous Vault and possibly resupply before they were needed again. Shevala offered to take Shen’s body back to Absalom so his family could bury him. Once they arrived at the Vault, they discover that it is closed despite being mid-afternoon. Maly Brontes opened the door and gave Shevala a hug. Everyone was invited in. Once inside, everyone could smell the distinct odor of something baking. Shevala realized that she had forgotten today was the birthday of Maly's daughter Anen.   After a delicious meal and some conversation, the Guardians were invited to spend the night. Rooker and Buck bonded as they slept under the stars on the roof of the Vault. Buck gave Rooker a necklace, one bearing the mark of the Associates of the Iron Shield. Reh Kuuro chatted until they fell asleep, Reh noting that something dangled from the rafters where Kuuro slept. An extra limb of some kind, perhaps?   Godric had a dream that seemed more like a vision of the past, reflecting on the history of his sword. An elven man and his celestial wife were hoping to avert a disaster foretold in a vision. During a ritual, the woman became part of the sword and her husband called her, and the sword, by their given name... Veressa.

Rewards Granted


Awarded during the session.    


39 885 + 1 120 = 41 005 XP!  

Battle Points

Current total Battle Points remains at 8 BP

Missions/Quests Completed

Delivered the saddle to Eviana.   Delivered Shen's remains to Shevala.   Traveled to Riddleport to liquidate their treasure.

Character(s) interacted with

Venture-Captain Shevala Iorae & Pais - Shevala got her start as an adventurer exploring the crumbling ruins of ancient Thassilon in her native Varisia. When the decemvirate requested her aid, she traveled to Absalom and was seduced by the city’s allure. Like Varisia, the Isle of Kortos is littered with ancient ruins, its many Siege Castles standing just outside the city’s shadow. The mile-high Spire of Nex immediately commanded her attention, and Shevala spent several years searching for a way into the sealed tower and collecting lore about Nex himself before finally succeeding in unlocking its door. Despite her stern demeanor, Shevala is an adventurous soul at heart. Pais was an aspiring wizard and a hopeful member of the Pathfinder Society. Much like Shevala, Pais has often been known to associate with some questionable characters but continues to pursue a career within the Society. Her relationship with Shen fell apart when Shen became obsessed with discovering the secrets of Khaylin Cirdanas and his discblade.   Maly & Anen - Maly, the owner of Maly's Wonderous Vault, has run the shop for years while raising her daughter Anen. One would suspect that it would be dangerous for a single mother to run a business and raise a child in a place like Riddleport. But Maly does not fear the city or those who prey on its citizens. "Every vault has its protector," Maly is fond of saying. "Including this one."
Second Darkness
Sir Godric
Rooker Shango
Report Date
17 May 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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