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Shen Stroheim

Shenron Stroheim (a.k.a. Shen)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

  • Shen’s father Henris, is an accountant in Absalom, his mother Milena, a librarian at the Grand Lodge.
  • Shen had visions of past lives as a child, which isolated him from the other children. “Weirdo” and “Ghost Boy” were names that they called him. So he spent much of his free time in books, trying to learn what the visions were.
  • His mother, Milena, would take him to the library on occasion. Spending time at the Grand Lodge, Shen became fascinated with knowledge and the Pathfinder Society.
  • He began showing signs of psychic ability, like reading surface thoughts and manifesting telekinetic projectile (by throwing rocks really hard), which completely isolated him from the other children. He became quite socially awkward, but friendly and wanted to help.
  • Children moved on from "weirdo" to "freak" and "monster" to describe young Shen. Older boys would pelt Shen with rocks, taunting him to catch them with his brain. Even the magical apprentices ridiculed his psychic powers as parlor tricks or simply inferior magic.
  • When he became old enough, Shen passed the tests and became a member of the Pathfinder Society. Even then, he found himself the butt of jokes. He was surprised when he was put in charge of his very first mission, to retrieve an item that had been stolen from the Grand Lodge. Naturally, everything went wrong but his friends, the group who would become known as the Guardians of Golarion, helped him pull through in the end.
  • When he returned to Absalom with the chakram, he became obsessed with discovering its secrets. He Entered a planescape within the chakram, and became possessed by the spirit of Khaylin Cirdanas. Had a helmet placed on his body (by Lasdo, unbeknownst to Shen) that gave Khaylin control. It also grew spikes that took out his eyes.
  • Shen-ron became powerful but was not in control of his own body. Eventually, thanks to the Guardians, the helmet came off. Khaylin remained, no longer corrupted by the helmet. He gave the boy healing powers and knowledge. When Khaylin fled Shen to try and retrieve his own body, he took most of the healing powers with him. However, some of Khaylin's knowledge remained. Shen retained some of the monk’s martial knowledge as well as his own psychic abilities.
  • The Guardians took information regarding the drow to Crying Leaf, and Shen decided to return to Absolom for a little while.


  • Discipilus to Magistar Barretto, Pathfinder Grand Lodge, Absalom


Member of the Pathfinder Society.

Mental Trauma

Psychic (Rebirth): “Your mind is forged from the most powerful memories of a multitude of lifetimes. You have fragmentary knowledge of your prior lives and can leverage the experience gained during these lifetimes into raw psychic power.” On top of that, he still has memories of being under the control of the Helm of Suffering, which took his eyes but helped amplify the powers he shared with Khaylin. He still has nightmares of how he mangled and killed so many people, including the fifty of so crewmen below the deck of the drow ship that he crushed like grapes.


Contacts & Relations

  • Master Baretto - Shen's mentor, trainer, and second father figure.
  • Krisalothan - Human Cleric of Desna. Big brooding cleric with a starknife. Intimidating sort. A member of Shen's first Pathfinder mission, Kris still occasionally offers guidance to the young man.
  • Pais - Female Half-Elf Wizard. Playfully mischievous. Another member of Shen's first Pathfinder mission. Seemed to have a thing for Shen, and became concerned when he was overtaken by the Khaylin and the Helm of Suffering. Their relationship has cooled since then, but she still sees him as a close friend.
  • Jarabee - Male Human Fighter. He was the member of Shen's first Pathfinder mission that got himself arrested by getting into a drunken brawl. Has resumed relations with Pais, and shows open hostility toward Shen behind Pais' back.
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Nolveniss Azrinae.
5' 10"
145 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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