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Nolveniss Azrinae

Nolveniss was a high-ranking member of House Azrinae, and one of the Matron's most trusted arcanists. After joining the Twilight Empire, he led the research team in Celwynvian for a number of years.   His brother, Lasdolon Azrinae, embedded within his forehead a piece of an artifact known as the Soul Stone. Embued with power, Nolveniss transformed into a monstrosity of physicality. Drunk with power, Nolveniss confronted the Guardians of Golarion within the Armageddon Echo for a final showdown. In his arrogance, he underestimated the Guardians and was struck down by Sir Godric.   However, in his final moments, Nolveniss felt himself being swallowed by Zalatas who then took over his body and fled.
Current Location
Circumstances of Death
Nolveniss was killed within the Armageddon Echo by Sir Godric and the Guardians of Golarion.
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