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Soul Gem

Soul gems are enchanted stones that house the souls of the dead. They can be used for enchanting weapons and armor, or as an energy source for enchanted items. However, soul gems can also be used to imprison the souls of powerful beings. Specially crafted soul gems can be separated into smaller soul shards, spreading the soul out and weakening the creature contained within. The soul within the shard can be freed if the imprisoning enchantments are disabled, but the soul being freed is only a fraction of its normal strength. Capturing the soul is done through a Soul Trap spell, or by a weapon that has received such an enchantment. If the creature is slain at the time the spell is activated, the soul is automatically trapped In the soul gem. If the creature is still alive, it can attempt to resist the spell’s effect.
  Some notable soul gems are:
  • Crimson Star of Zalatas (Zalatas – three shards)
  • Shadowchain Soul Gem (embedded in the blade of the Shadowchain dagger)
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