(a.k.a. Herald of Tharzduun, Breaker of Chains)

Zalatas was a paladin of Dahak, devoted to death and destruction. Ironically, his lust for destruction was constantly thwarted by his brother Algolon, a warrior devoted to Apsu. The two clashed constantly over the ages with neither gaining any sort of true advantage. In time, Zalatas gained a devout following of his own. Much like the dragon he worshipped, Zalatas enjoyed the treasures his followers gifted him with, including a number of magical artifacts which increased his power even further.   During one of his ventures into the Darkland, Zalatas communed in a shrine that he believed to be one for Dahak. But in that moment, his deity spoke to him. The voice did not come from Dahak, but from the forgotten mad god Tharzduun. Contact with the mad god bent Zalatas' sanity, but Tharzduun promised him power beyond mortals and gods if he were to break the seals, the chains, that bound Tharzduun to the Abyss. Zalatas agreed and become the Herald of Tharzduun, the Breaker of Chains.   After another encounter with Zalatas, one where the much more powerful paladin destroyed Algolon's entire party and left Algolon for dead, Apsu spoke to warrior. He bestowed the truth of Tharzduun on Algolon, including what his plan was should he escape his chains. Algolon knew he couldn't kill his brother, so he found an item that could imprison him.   As Zalatas prepared to open a portal to release Tharzduun onto Golarion, Algolon and Zalatas clashed one final time. Zalatas had reached almost demigod status. Algolon sacrificed himself, but in doing so he managed to trap Zalatas within an item known as the Soul Stone which was then shattered into three pieces and spread across Golarion, forever imprisoning the Celestial Dragon until those three pieces could be brought back together once again   Over time, the tales of Algolon and Zalatas were embellished to the point where Zalatas was believed to be an actual Celestial dragon, and Algolon was a Celestial Guardian. The grander the story, so it was believed, the less likely it would be that anyone would hope to find the soul shards and piece the soul stone back together. The Cult of Zalatas slowly faded, and eventually vanished from history along with their leader.   The soul shards remained hidden for ages. One of them was discovered by Lasdolon, who used the shard to place the essence of Zalatas into the drow wizard Nolveniss Azrinae. Nolveniss, fuelled with the power of Zalatas, faced down an adventuring party known as the Guardians of Golarion. The Guardians managed to slay Nolveniss, but in those final moments, Zalatas took over the drow's body and fled. He and Lasdolon later faced the Guardians in a temple of Tharzduun deep beneath the city of Riddleport. Zalatas was slain for a second time and his spirit fragment was destroyed.   The Guardians discovered a second soul shard within the temple. Using the spell Secret Chest, the shard was placed within the larger chest and sent to the Ethereal Plane. Then, by destroying the smaller chest, the larger chest would be lost in the Ethereal Plane. The Guardians took the chest, sent the soul shard away, and destroyed the smaller chest. They sent the shard of the soul stone into the Ethereal Plane, lost forever.   The final shard had been discovered by an ancient and powerful lich named Nhamking, deep beneath the fallen city of Enkiral. Nhamking kept the shard in his laboratory, where the lich would research and conduct experiments upon it to try to understand what was inside. It had no idea what the soul shard was, only that it was an item of great power. However, so powerful was this mere fraction of Zalatas that it was slowly corrupting Nhamking.   The Guardians of Golarion found the lich's laboratory. Earlier, during its experiments, the soul shard had exploded and Nhamking was driven out of his laboratory. However, the essence of Zalatas possessed Nhamking's assistant - a dragon that had once been copper but was transformed into a Void dragon. With Nhamking returning, the Guardians threw themselves at the dragon hoping to kill it and stop the last remaining essence of Zalatas that Lasdolon could get his hands on. They killed the creature, forcing the spirit of Zalatas out of the dragon's body. In one last desperate attempt, the spirit of Zalatas tried to possess Telith, a cleric of Iomedae. The Protection from Evil aura kept it from getting close enough and the spirit dissipated into nothingness.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A five-pronged star.
Divine Classification
Celestial Entity