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Requiem, or the Forgehammer of Eternity, was created by the Wind Dukes of Algolon to battle Zalatas, the Herald of Tharzduun. It was empowered with the five Titanforged Wyrmstones, making it a weapon of singular destruction. During a final confrontation, Requiem struck down Zalatas. The hammer, and the stones, were destroyed in the process.


Thalor Ironheart, Wind Duke and master weaponsmith, was the original wielder and creator of Requiem. He spent centuries working on it, assembling it using rare metals from distant worlds. It was forged using the celestial power of the Soulforge, fuelled by a sliver of the Living Gate. In context, a piece of the living gate crashed into Golarion as the starstone and created gods. Such was the power necessary to forge Requiem.
Item type
Unique Artifact