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Guardians of Golarion

From Korvosa and across Varisia, a group of adventurers banded together and journeyed to the city of Riddleport to solve the mystery of the phenomenon known as "the blot." Their exploits culminated in preventing a mad drow named Lasdolon from summoning an asteroid from space and creating a second Age of Darkness.   The members included:
  • Sir Godric- an aasimar paladin of Iomedae who left the sheltered cloister in Ustalav to pick up some valuable life experiences. Strong opinion about other people.
  • Reh - a human bard who was placed in the group by her uncle to "keep her safe."
  • Kuuro - a mysterious assassin hoping to win her freedom from those who pursued her.
  • Hugo - a human alchemist with questionable social skills but was a wicked smart fellah.
  • Rooker Shango - a human oracle worshipper of Desna who followed a vision that took him from the Mwangai Expanse to Riddleport.
  • Telith Nordhof - An aasimar cleric of Iomedae sent by Sir Rhistel and Lady Ginona to assist Sir Godric. He had a vision of a large battle against the dark elves.
    While their battle was noble, it was not without loss. The Guardians lost members along the way:
  • Ella - a shoanti barbarian killed by a void zombie after her rage finally gave out. She died on her feet.
  • Buck - a human gunslinger, petrified by a fulad-zereh demon in Celwynvian.